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    [REQUEST] Walk-through Guide to Setting up Flashcard Test

    Hi all, I've been using Pleco on and off over the course of several years and having finally settled on continuing my self-study, I'm reaching out for some help. Is anyone able to offer a detailed step-by-step guide to setting up a flashcard test system? A lot of the settings and functions of...
  2. J

    Individual character pop-ups on flashcards

    Just came back to my Mandarin studies and I remember that on flashcards you used to be able to tap individual characters to get more information. Now nothing happens. Anyone know of a fix? Thanks.
  3. A

    Limit Flashcard Test Length

    I enjoy using the Pleco flashcard plugin to improve my knowledge of characters. However, after a week or so with the default settings the test can take me 2 hours or more. I often don't have this much time. The only way I have found to limit the test length is to limit the number of cards in...