1. P

    Sentences flashcards generator (Python script)

    Dear all, I am pleased to share with you this Python script that allows to automatically generate sentences flashcards from the Tatoeba database, that I wrote based on a previous script from and with the help of @Shun . The main features are: Choice of translation language, and automatic...
  2. Mythaar

    Import flashcards and test based on order in imported file

    I'm currently going through HSK 5 based on the BLCUP textbook. This means that I'm learning these words in batches of 30-40, and in order to match up with the exercises and explanations, I have to learn them "batch-by-batch". However, this is very frustrating, as I'll have to update my file and...
  3. J

    Customize dictionary order based on flashcard test direction (Help with Alternating test direction)

    I normally set my dictionary order as (1) User (2) Outlier Linguistics and (3) Pleco. My user dictionary and of course Outlier are full of hints about the character itself, and Outlier often shows many of the components of the character in the definition. This works well when I am testing the...
  4. Mythaar

    Importing flashcards already present in database

    I have the full HSK 1-6 flashcard lists already in Pleco, so the words in these categories are already assigned. However, I haven't learnt all the words from these levels. I want to import some flashcards from a text file, which I have seen commonly. I was able to do so, and they were...
  5. N

    Outlier dictionary entries for Anki flashcard creation

    Is it possible to create Anki cards with the Outlier dictionary? I know some dictionaries are not available for export. I though outlier might be one of those, but my friend told me he was able to make Anki cards with it. I have Anki set to have the flashcard "+" beside each dictionary and I...
  6. S

    Loading database never ends

    Hi! I have all the latest versions of everything on an iPhone 7 brand new too (Apple did an exchange) and today, for no apparent reason, the flashcard database does not load. It keeps spinning. I have iCloud but no backup to my Mac for several weeks. What should I do? Thanks
  7. J

    Default Card Category

    How do you change the default category cards are saved in? I've made multiple categories but when I save a character as a card it always goes to the same one by default.
  8. H

    Flashcard "reveal pinyin" doesn't show pronounciation when ruby text is enabled

    Hey, I just discovered the ruby text feature for Zhuyin yesterday and its really nice to have the pronounciation right next to the character and not disconnected somewhere else! Unfortunately, when I review my flashcards and I just want to reveal the pronounciation, nothing happens. Can this...
  9. A

    download flashcards

    Hello. I have a simple list of chinese words in a file. i would like to upload it to the app so that a category is created with the name given in the file (whether a date or name or something else typed in the file) and then all the definitions are added by the app. Do you have a simple guide...
  10. P

    Spaced Repetition System Not Recognizing History of Flashcards

    Hey there, As the title says, my Pleco app, for some reason, isn't recognizing the statistics and history of the flashcards that are selected for review. I've been using spaced repetition for months now and haven't ever encountered this problem, but yesterday I went to do my review and instead...
  11. Aegil

    Flashcard settings: how to select cards based on their correct/incorrect answer rate?

    Hello, First of all, I would like to congratulate Pleco for its amazing product: I love using the App on my IPad. It is so detailed, with really interesting add-on features. However, I am a bit lost with the flashcard settings despite trying to read the user manual. I would like to select...
  12. M

    Difficulty remapping flashcards to custom dictionary

    Hi, I'd like to remap some flashcards to custom dictionary entries in a particular flashcard test (to see the pneumonic for the character during the learning process) without altering the overall dictionary that the flashcard is associated to since I use it in other tests (to review the...
  13. M.Hale

    Help?? Please?? Just want Numbers for flash cards

    Hello, I am very new to this and am looking for a list of flash cards that are just the numbers as I would like to pratice them. Is ine already made ? Any helpful information is welcome. Thank you in advance!
  14. pdwalker

    help: act in haste, repent in leisure.

    Never try to organize things at 4am in the morning. Nothing good ever happens at that time. In a fit of stupidity, I was trying to clean out my user dictionary when I deleted entries I shouldn't have. Now I have a bunch of orphaned flash cards that map to a dictionary entry that "appears to...
  15. LifeSparring

    Blog Post about Pleco's Flashcard Modul

    Hi Pleco Community, I am a long-time Pleco user and fan and thought I share an article about how I use Pleco's Flashcard module. Maybe it is interesting for a few guys who are just getting started. http://www.life-sparring.com/blog/2017/04/03/angry-cards Cheers Fabian
  16. B

    GCSE flashcards

    Does anyone know where I can find GCSE flashcards to import into Pleco ? I could make them myself but it might take a few hours.
  17. H

    problem pertain to the word that constitute from hanzi plus roman character

    hi, team. there is problem bug me for a while that pertain to the word that constitute from hanzi plus roman character. one is about user dictionary import and another is clip reader or text reader. for example, in pleco, particularly Cantonese word but not limited to, 啱feel, 啱key, 食munmun...
  18. K

    Complete Flashcards for "Delevoping Chinese, 2nd Edition, Elementary Comprehensive Course I"

    Dear Pleco Users, I have finished creating the flashcards for the above mentioned book. Included are all the 生词,补充词语, 课堂用语 as well as 日常用语. If you find any mistakes please let me know, so I may adapt the list and upload a new version. Best wishes, Kuno
  19. C

    Flash card are scoring on reading and writing

    does the flashcard system have a different score for cards based on test type Like if I get the reading portion correct but fail the writing portion would the program mark this card as learned if I just keep letting the reading portion correct so that it wouldn't test me on writing? Or are...