1. R

    Pleco Anki Intergration change Dictionary

    Hi all, new learner here and I just purchased the Turtle New Learners Dictionary. I was hoping to make all new and existing cards use this dictionary. Is it possible to change which dictionary is used for Anki intergration?
  2. C

    Pleco Flashcard System vs. Anki

    Hey Y'all, Wondering how people compare Anki to Pleco flashcards. I've looked briefly at threads to no avail, and Reddit didn't help me. My situation: I'm heavily invested as a user in Anki. I haven't yet tried migrating to Pleco's, but a few concerns/questions I had: Pleco's flashcard...
  3. jurgen85

    Pleco Markdown

    I spent way too long trying various possible syntax combinations, and beyond the normal markdown we know and love, this is what I figured out so far: @@boxed text@@ @grammar label@ =specifying grammar label= [generic cross-reference](pleco:e?tc=繁&sc=简&py=pin1yin1) :::a secret?::: I will note...
  4. C

    Chinese-English word components dictionary

    Beginner Chinese learner here, so I am still struggling to memorize Chinese characters. Therefore I created a dictionary that breaks characters down into components and radicals, to help me 'imagine' and memorize better. Similar to what CE Dict does. Download the attached file. How I did it...
  5. G

    Cantonese deck?

    Hello, I could not find online any pleco flashcard deck for cantonese vocab (not just the transcription of HSK cards into Jyutping, but words that are only used in cantonese, and if possible Hong Kong cantonese), altough this seems like such a common query that I am I thinking I might not be...
  6. P

    Flashcards overdue date

    Hi, I use a large set of flashcards, and a lot are overdue (my fault). Among those, some have a very high score, even the max. I’d like to extract them (eg put them in a new category). I can easily find the score filter, but how can I filter by overdue date? And is it possible to postpone (or...
  7. T

    Cantonese flashcards

    How to get Cantonese pronunciation when organizing flashcards? I know you can go to "new test" and select Cantonese primary pronunciation but I want to hear the Cantonese pronunciation when in the organizing flashcards section too, but I only can hear Mandarin pronunciation
  8. P

    View flashcard set in dictionary

    Hi, is there a way to “search for” all cards from a set in the dictionary ? When just reviewing, the flashcards screen lacks all the dictionary features (strokes, display several dictionaries, words, etc. ), and tapping cards from the “organise cards” don’t bring up the dictionary either. Thanks!
  9. P

    Read example sentences in flashcard

    Hello, Is there a way to allow the dictionary example sentences to be read when the card is revealed? There is currently no little speaker icon as on the actual dictionary. thanks!
  10. C

    Notification for due flashcards?

    `Hi, maybe I am just blind but I couldn't find a setting to send push notifications when I have flashcards due. I tend to forget this easily and it would be great to be regularly reminded to check up on my flashcards. Is there a setting for this / something like this planned?
  11. B

    Flashcards Lost in Premade Categories

    I have been using pleco for about 2 years, over that time I have been bookmarking words as I go along. I could never find the cast majority of my bookmarks but I kept saving them as I went along, in the hopes that I would figure it out one day. I don't know if this is the problem but I have two...
  12. L

    Categories on flashcard test screen

    Hi, As the title suggests, I wonder if there's a way to show category tags on the test screen. I feel like it would help me recall certain words I could be reminded of the context I put them in my flashcards. I have a lot of obscure videogame vocab that I added myself and I would like to know...
  13. Mythaar

    Merging scorefiles together

    I have three different scorefiles that I would like to merge together as one, using the highest score of each card as the new value. Are there any scripts or actions that I can take to accomplish this? Continuing to use the current structure is only getting more and more frustrating as new...
  14. P

    Sentences flashcards generator (Python script)

    Dear all, I am pleased to share with you this Python script that allows to automatically generate sentences flashcards from the Tatoeba database, that I wrote based on a previous script from and with the help of @Shun . The main features are: Choice of translation language, and automatic...
  15. Mythaar

    Import flashcards and test based on order in imported file

    I'm currently going through HSK 5 based on the BLCUP textbook. This means that I'm learning these words in batches of 30-40, and in order to match up with the exercises and explanations, I have to learn them "batch-by-batch". However, this is very frustrating, as I'll have to update my file and...
  16. J

    Customize dictionary order based on flashcard test direction (Help with Alternating test direction)

    I normally set my dictionary order as (1) User (2) Outlier Linguistics and (3) Pleco. My user dictionary and of course Outlier are full of hints about the character itself, and Outlier often shows many of the components of the character in the definition. This works well when I am testing the...
  17. Mythaar

    Importing flashcards already present in database

    I have the full HSK 1-6 flashcard lists already in Pleco, so the words in these categories are already assigned. However, I haven't learnt all the words from these levels. I want to import some flashcards from a text file, which I have seen commonly. I was able to do so, and they were...
  18. N

    Outlier dictionary entries for Anki flashcard creation

    Is it possible to create Anki cards with the Outlier dictionary? I know some dictionaries are not available for export. I though outlier might be one of those, but my friend told me he was able to make Anki cards with it. I have Anki set to have the flashcard "+" beside each dictionary and I...
  19. S

    Loading database never ends

    Hi! I have all the latest versions of everything on an iPhone 7 brand new too (Apple did an exchange) and today, for no apparent reason, the flashcard database does not load. It keeps spinning. I have iCloud but no backup to my Mac for several weeks. What should I do? Thanks
  20. J

    Default Card Category

    How do you change the default category cards are saved in? I've made multiple categories but when I save a character as a card it always goes to the same one by default.