Flashcard settings: how to select cards based on their correct/incorrect answer rate?



First of all, I would like to congratulate Pleco for its amazing product: I love using the App on my IPad. It is so detailed, with really interesting add-on features.

However, I am a bit lost with the flashcard settings despite trying to read the user manual. I would like to select cards in a specific category based on their % of correct/incorrect answers in the past. For example, "select cards that have a past correct answer rate between 40 and 60%."

It is probably a basic setting but I cannot seem to find it.

Many thanks in advance!
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That's actually not a filter we offer at the moment, oddly enough, in fact as far as I know you're the first person to ever ask for it. I think the tendency is to look at recent results rather than total results and use 'correct in row' instead.

It most likely will be supported in 4.0 but I'm afraid I don't have much to offer you suggestion-wise until then.


I often use the "not correct in a row >= X", where X is the number of times I feel I have to get it right before I am comfortable saying "I think I know this one". Thus I have to answer it X times correctly before it stops getting selected for that particular test.

For casual testing I use three. For refreshing before a test, I'll use 5 or more.


Thanks a lot for these prompt answers! I look forward to version 4 of the Flashcard system as the current version is really complicated from a user perspective.

Thanks as well for these suggestion. "Correct in row" and "Not correct in a row" options are good, but it does not allow to dig into older flashcards without having to review a whole bunch of flashcards one already knows.

I guess I should start grouping my flashcards in smaller batches sorted chronologically.


I have two methods to "dig into older flashcards without having to review a whole bunch of flashcards one already knows". First I remove the cards I know from further reviews by selecting EXCLUDE FROM ALL SESSIONS In Card Info / Statistics. Second in New Test / Scoring / Tweak parameters I set "Incorrect score decrease %" to 50%. So even if I review a lot of old cards which have already a top score but which I forgot, these cards only get a new score which is half of the top score and do not have to be reviewed too often to get a top score again. This somehow takes into account the results of the past.