problem pertain to the word that constitute from hanzi plus roman character


hi, team.

there is problem bug me for a while that pertain to the word that constitute from hanzi plus roman character.

one is about user dictionary import and another is clip reader or text reader.

for example, in pleco, particularly Cantonese word but not limited to, 啱feel, 啱key, 食munmun, all render as 啱feel, 啱key, 食munmun when import from word list.

its a problem for two reason.

firstly, user dictionary is based on flash card system which is all change roman script into two bite roman character without user's consent. same reason when export such words all roman character change into two bite character which is not my liking.
secondly, such two bite roman character are ugly to death.

in case of text reader, such word as 啱key, 食munmun are not correctly match for search, and search length are invariably shorten to just hanzi character.

so all in all, word hanzi + roman combination must use one bite roman character whenever use and search must be match as intended.



Staff member
Thanks for the feedback.

We're working on a better solution to this but it'll require a major revamp to our search engine to effectuate - the basic problem is that we normally assume that narrow characters in the search box are pinyin/jyutping and that you're trying to do a search for a combination of characters plus that. The point about the reader is well taken though and we can probably fix that in a minor bug fix update by simply having it convert the text internally to wide characters before it searches.