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Discussion in 'Flashcard Exchange' started by Omar, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. Omar

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    Hi all,

    I've been using Pleco on and off over the course of several years and having finally settled on continuing my self-study, I'm reaching out for some help. Is anyone able to offer a detailed step-by-step guide to setting up a flashcard test system? A lot of the settings and functions of this wonderful app are way over my head, so I struggle when reading through previous posts.

    I am working on character recognition/retention. I am not looking for anything fancy but a simple flashcard test system that helps me recognize characters I struggle with. On a daily basis I add 10 cards to the current category I have.

    Now that I've outlined what I wish to do... is anyone out there willing to direct me to or provide me with a walk-through?

  2. Shun

    Shun 状元

    Hi Omar,

    I do have something like this as a PowerPoint presentation; however, it's written in German. You could run it through Google Translate. I can't post it here because it's quite big, but you (or anyone interested) can PM me, and I will send you a Dropbox link.

    Cheers, Shun
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  3. Omar

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    Shun - got your PM and looked over the PDF. Unfortunately, it is quite complicated for me to understand given that it is in German. Like I said, I'm looking for a simple guide to setting up a flash card system that rids cards that I have mastered.

    If you're able to give me an English version of a simple setup procedure, I would be grateful. Otherwise, anyone else out there willing to help out?

  4. pdwalker

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