Spaced Repetition System Not Recognizing History of Flashcards

Hey there,

As the title says, my Pleco app, for some reason, isn't recognizing the statistics and history of the flashcards that are selected for review.
I've been using spaced repetition for months now and haven't ever encountered this problem, but yesterday I went to do my review and instead of seeing 300-400 cards for review, it gave me over 2000. As I looked at the cards it was clear that many of them weren't due for review, but yet there they were in the cards Pleco was selecting for me. In the review interface, I have it selected to show the score of each card. Almost every card in my spaced repetition now shows the score at 100 which is the starting score for a new flash card, but when I check those cards' specific info in "organize cards", it shows there scores being higher based on how many times I've gotten them correct in the past.

Here's a couple of the things that I've tried to no avail:
-Changing "points per day" settings
-Restarting the test interface
-Restarting my phone

If anyone has any ideas of what might have caused this and or how I might fix the problem, it would be much appreciated.



Staff member
Any chance you have more than one scorefile? Check New Test / Scoring and make sure you've selected the right one.
As I was looking over the scorefile, it hit me that I did make a change recently and I found the problem: I redownloaded a flashcard list and it made them all as duplicates. Feeling stupid haha! Thank you for your help :)
Oh YES. Just found the "Undo last import" option! SO thankful for that option. You guys are heroes. This is THE MOST user friendly app I have ever used. Thank you for all your hard work to make my studies go so smoothly.


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Thanks! Actually we’re hoping to expand on that with SQLite’s new “sessions” feature (which lets you make an efficient reversible log of any operation) in a future release.