3.2.x Bug Report / Feedback Thread

When I create a bookmark in a subcategory but only add the Cantonese pronunciation (in Yale w/ marks) and the definition, it gets saved as "mòuh gān / towel"(which was my first bookmark) regardless of what I enter. Adding a simplified headword prevents that behavior (but I'm not yet learning the characters).

Relatedly, whenever I can't find a word from my learning materials in the dictionary I'd like to create a new entry right away, but currently I have to copy my search text, navigate to bookmarks, create a new one, then paste it. Maybe this could be a shortcut when there are no results?

I'm on an iPhone XR with Pleco 3.2.37 without any addons (yet).


Staff member
Cantonese flashcard/bookmark support is a bit of a hack at the moment, so this is actually unsurprising... does it work if you put a random string (or even just a @ character by itself) in the pinyin field?

If you go into Settings / Search Interface and set 'unknown word' at the bottom to 'bookmark' or 'card', that should give you a prompt to create a new bookmark when you look up a word that's not in the dictionary.
Thanks for the quick response! It works as long as at least a single character is in "Simplified headword". I figured out that the Cantonese pronunciation field only accepts Yale with numbers. I'd prefer Yale with marks but this works for now and the display in the list is correct again.

I had already tried all the options in the "Unknown search" setting (because it sounded exactly like I wanted) but the button never shows up.