3.2.x Bug Report / Feedback Thread


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It's in our errata file, in fact I think it may even be fixed already in the latest version of the database here, but we try not to update PLC that often to spare our users' bandwidth costs. (it's a lot bigger than CC-CEDICT, and especially on Android we have a great many users in emerging markets with tiny/limited data connections who we don't want to impose a bigger-than-necessary update on)
I've noticed some strange behavior when I add a space when searching by numberless pinyin. (The reason I add a space after the search string is to eliminate some search results.) For example, if I type in "youbu", once I add a space ("youbu "), instead of seeing one entry for 油布, I now see two entries for 油布, one with pinyin of you2 bu4, the other with pinyin of you2bu4 (no space). When I look at the definitions for the search results, there are unrelated words thrown together. After I select the first 油布 search result, I see the definitions for that entry include definitions for 游步. If I instead select the second 油布 search result, I see a definition for 诱捕 included in the definitions. If I select 诱捕 from the search results, I see a definition for 油捕 included. Thanks!
When I use the Flaschards, I select several "lessons" (about 700-800 words). When the session is done, i select the same range adding a new lesson.
My settings are basic : simple review/all cards/no filter.

But it seems to have a bug there: each new session gives me news cards that weren't tested before whereas these cards are not the one from the new lesson.

  • Session 1: lessons 1-5
  • Sesson 2 : lessons 6-10 => some cards from lessons 1-5 are displayed whereas they weren't during session 1. The cards information confirm this.
Is there an option I've missed? I've really selected "all cards" and didn't set any filters.
Maybe they became due while you were doing the other cards. Try doing the lessons 1-5 again and see if some new cards show up.
For some reason the Anki preview doesn’t show up the first time I hit the + button after opening an entry or waking the phone from lock screen. More specifically, the window where I can change card types, tags etc does open but the preview frame is missing. The same thing happens if the lock screen turns on and I wake it up again while I’m already on the entry. Changing card types doesn’t make it show up either but hitting cancel and then + again (without leaving the entry) does.

Btw, I’m on Android (and Pleco v3.2.62), but I can’t find a separate bug report thread in the Android forums.


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Thanks - we've had one other report of that, unfortunately at the moment it's looking like an Anki issue but we're trying to see if we can work around it.
Another possible search issue (or I'm not supposed to search this way): if I type in "buyiweiwu" in the search box, I see two results displayed. If I instead search for "buyiwei伍" or "buyiwei忤", where the last character in each case corresponds to one of the two search results, instead of seeing the one search result I was expecting, I just see the definition for 伍 or 忤 (not the four-character phrase). Thanks!
Two things on 龃龉:

PLC has a random "(龉 yǔ)" at the bottom - is it supposed to be footnote? See: .... -- or something else? I don't think I've seen this before in PLC.

GF has a character that has now been encoded ⿰钅且 in it's footnote (2CB3A) in ext. e - it can be replaced.