3.2.x Bug Report / Feedback Thread


Thanks - should be coming soon, we were holding off waiting for Apple to reinvent key input in some crazy way for Catalyst but now that that's out and we know the system is the way it is, we can work with it.
Well, this is almost two months now. Is there any news about this feature? I'd love to be able to use the keyboard


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They did not actually reinvent key input so now we’ll probably ship a quick and dirty something or other in 4.0 and hope they give us some clarity in a future OS update.


When using the Guifan dictionary (and likely other Chinese-Chinese dicts), the find-longest-dictionary-entry-starting-with-clicked-character algorithm doesn’t stop at the boundary between definition and example sentence.

thanks for the otherwise perfect app!

Not sure if you’re aware of this, but Day Start Time in the Card Selection menu for flash cards has been broken for a while. The controls work but the screen just shows white, so you have to guess where the buttons are to change the time.
Another flashcard bug: when you tap Manage in the Profiles menu and then tap on a profile to edit, it plays the slide-over animation twice. It doesn’t affect usability much but is a visual annoyance.