3.2.x Bug Report / Feedback Thread

So report a bug about flash card, in IpadOS 13.1.

So I had an Ipad, just update to the new 13.1, but it make the export card function stop working (it always crash when I try to save file — and there is an option to send error to, already do it anyway).

But if you have anything that I should do / you want me to inform you something, let me know ya
Hello Mike,

using an iPhone Xr, I‘m having trouble reaching the lowest button row in a Flashcard test. I need to tap the Backspace or the Done button multiple times until they are recognized. This is probably due to the home button bar which is always visible at bottom. Taps that are intended for the Backspace button instead go to the home bar. See this screenshot:


Could one perhaps move the bottom border up by a quarter inch so this cannot happen?




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Yes, sorry, we're working through a LONG list of 13.1 issues so we'll add this to that list. (worst iOS update in 5 years, by far)

In the meantime, you can actually backspace by just tapping the box with two fingers again once it's clear, and you can execute a 'Done' by tapping on the highlighted character input box at the top.
I just downloaded the latest update today and now the app persistently crashes immediately upon opening. I've restarted my iPhone (iOS 9.3.2) multiple times to no avail.

I have a big test on Friday and depend on Pleco daily. Any help you provide would be much appreciated!


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Eep, sorry, looks like we mistakenly thought we had already dropped support for iOS 9 and were using an API that it doesn't support - we'll get an update out as fast as we can with a fix (hopefully tomorrow but can't rely on App Review).

If your phone can be updated to a newer OS, that should fix it, or if you have an iPad or an Android device available you could also run Pleco on that.
Hi guys, another bug about selecting radical which (in stroke section, while you are highlighting some character) after the ipadOS update.

So this would happen consistently if I choose a part of a character that is radical or has no name, it would be always crash*.
*I also give the image as the example ya

As I really like to deep down on the part, I really use this feature a lot, I hope it could be fixed soon (finger crossed :p)

If you have anything that I should do / you want me to inform you something, let me know ya


hi Mike, I just check on the update page on the pleco app store*, updated, and now it's work, thanks.
*apparently, the pleco new version doesn't show on the available update list, don't know why at this point

But anyway, thanks for the great support!! :)
I searched and didn't see anywhere that others had problems with their "Recent Documents" list so I hope this is the best place to post this.

With one of the recent Pleco updates, I think it was less than two weeks ago, many of my "Recent Documents" file names changed to "Text File" and the link broke. Not all of them though. See Screenshots.

Is there any way to find out what the files were? I had a list files that I went through regularly for learning and I'd prefer to NOT have to go back and figure out what they all were.

I'm currently using the latest iPhone version, 3.2.46.



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This was actually iOS 13 related, unfortunately - the (meta-)links stored in Pleco didn't change but iOS suddenly forgot about what they pointed to. As soon as we discovered the bug we updated Pleco to add a fallback form of link for future recent documents, so that if it ever corrupts the links again we should (hopefully) still be able to recover the file history, but I'm afraid there's not much we can do about recent documents from before that update.