3.2.x Bug Report / Feedback Thread

so absolutely freakin impossible that apple could censor that
How many applications have you submitted to the Apple store?

It doesn't matter if you think a change is reasonable or not because what matters is what Apple thinks (and even they are not consistent with with what they think).

Doing anything "odd", or "not according to their user interface guidelines" will get your application pulled from the app store, and it can sometimes take weeks to get reinstated - in my experience.

(I confess, my experience is a few years out of date, so maybe they are better about these things now)
ok, i hear you
so take the following scenario
i have an app for a strange language called esenik
...my esenik app
esenik has its own peculiar alphabet
when i use esenik i only and exclusively use the esenik kb
so now
1) i google on the safari app, using english kb
2) i go into esenik
3) i must manually change kb to esenik (each and every time coming from 1)
because no way for esenik goodfella app developers to make esenik kb default within esenik
and so 1+2+3 each and every time
my app usage pattern is very much, being in esenik for 5-10 minutes, then going to safari, then coming back, then forth...
so mayor ¿?!·%$#¢


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If Esenik has their own custom keyboard they actually can force that one in their app; it’s only built-in iOS keyboards that we can’t switch between easily.
Hi rizen and Mike,

I think that would be a nice iOS system-wide function, that would allow one to set "default keyboard layouts" for particular apps. Such a thing shouldn't be done by the apps, though, instead the app should ask the operating system for permission once, and then the OS asks the user, like with asking for access to the photos library/the camera and so on. Perhaps Apple have already thought about this possibility and rejected the idea for its being too technical for the majority of its users.


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yes that would be a perfect solution
the user would not have to look for this in settings but be prompted by the app to allow/configure
so it would hardly requiere any sofistication of nor mental overload be imposed upon the user
but ok, i can see why apple will not have this a devel priority
thx for weighing in
new update: dont like the new kb buttons one bit
looks like a toy now
with better icons, would perhaps be ok
speech = microphone, well this is ok
rad = puzzle brick?? a stretch and not neat
language = hanzi, this is icongruent wrt the other icons (unless hanzi is considered a pictogram)
handwr = wall painting brush?? hey, hwr is fine arts!
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Felt that way to us too for a day or so but then we got used to them. The old buttons were extremely confusing for new users + generated lots of support requests ("I just bought your handwriting recognizer add-on but I can't figure out how to access it") so they kind of had to go.
flashcards: i press on one of the hanzi and its def pops up. when pressed again the pop up flickers but stays up. should at least play sound otherw this is a wasted gesture. or close the pop up. if on the other hand i want to see the def for another hanzi in the card while the def for the former is still visible (pop up active), i have to press _twice_ on thattaone.



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The flicker is because it's letting you drag the selection to a different range if you want to. (more efficient than the arrow buttons if you're trying to select a large range of text to copy or whatever)

You can use the -> button to move to the next character in the headword.
thxs, i understand
two things: 1) i think single char lookup is by far the most frequent use case from inside a flashcard, so no need to have first selection be "sticky" (and thereby expandible) 2) using arrows is a terrible pain


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Using arrows to move from one character to another in a headword seems pretty efficient; they're also good for scrolling word-by-word through a piece of text. Anyway, I don't think they're a significant usability sacrifice here over tapping on characters separately, and I'm worried about confusing inconsistency if we use one style of selection in flashcards and another in other pieces of text - the last thing we need is for there to be yet another way that Pleco seems to randomly behave differently depending on which screen you're in.

(BTW, speaking of that, did the character breakdown definition situation improve in the new build? it should have)
ok many thanks anyway for your reply and always being open to consider improvements/changes
on the char breakdown matter, let me get back to you, busy days;-)
(BTW, speaking of that, did the character breakdown definition situation improve in the new build? it should have)
havent gotten around to testing the previous cases/examples, but just fell over this one 曝, faulty decomposition.
(edit: this hasnt got to do with "consistency" - where sth is accessed from - just quality of components breakdown).