1. L

    Regarding maximum unlearned vs New per day

    For my srs system, I’ve set my maximum unlearned to 30 cards. On the first day, I got two of them correct so their scores got bumped up to 400 and 300. The learned threshold is 1600, and my PPD is 100. On the second day, the test only gave me 28 cards to learn. How do I set the test to have 30...
  2. wibble123

    Same reminder times for correct cards

    Hi, I'm enjoying Pleco a lot. However, I'm confused by why it shows the same amount of time until re-test if I mark a card as correct. I'm using Pleco with SRS and when I mark a card a correct, there are three buttons shown: - "remembered perfectly" - "remembered" - "barely remembered" Below...
  3. justinaquino

    Spaced Repetition System SRS How to add words to my test profile?

    How do I add words to my Test Profile? I've experimented with various testing profiles and have a particular favorite but it does not have some of the words I learned in my other profile and from outside the app.
  4. C

    Configuring SRS, limited by score limits

    I'm trying to get Pleco's spaced-repetition to have intervals similar to these: 5 seconds, 25 seconds, 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 50 minutes... It starts off very short (I'm tested 5 seconds after first seeing the card), but it grows by a factor of 5 each time. I got used to these intervals years...
  5. C

    Flash card are scoring on reading and writing

    does the flashcard system have a different score for cards based on test type Like if I get the reading portion correct but fail the writing portion would the program mark this card as learned if I just keep letting the reading portion correct so that it wouldn't test me on writing? Or are...
  6. J

    Skritter Like Functionality

    Hi All (&Mike) I am a PLECO user for years and have many add ons. I have been studying Chinese of a long tome and finally after many failed starts I am trying again at hand writing Is there any plan to have a Skritter like functionality in pleco flash cards. The flash card system is fine and I...