Need help for configuration of SRS


Hi, I just bought the features of pleco and strated to configure my SRS System.
Im now a bit confussed about if its working like I understand it should.
My situation is: I want to learn all vocabularies of my chinese studybook. I separated it into categories. Around 600 vocabs.
Now i want to learn all of them, in the following example:
In the daily queue should be maximum 20 new + wrong vocabs. (its possible to extand that list, cause of already known vocabs which i forgot after some days)
So if my queue has less then 20 wrong vocabs inside, it should grab some new random vocabs.
example: I have 20 wrong vocabs and answere 1 correct, there should be one of the new vocabs coming into my queue.

My Test Settings:
Test type -> Self-graded
Show -> Definition
More Settings->Commands->Repeat incorrect cards, during test, Shuffle,
More Settings -> Card selection -> Repetition spaced, points per day 100, promt to continue,
More Settings -> Card selection ->Learned Cards -> correct in row, 6, limit new cars, max unlearned, to 50, prioritize by random

I hope someone can give me some tipps or help me configure this!


Staff member
It sounds like there are two things you'd want to change here:

1) Set "max unlearned" to 20, since that's the number of wrong words you'd like it to maintain.
2) Set "card is learned if" to "correct in row" 1.

Basically in this scenario new + wrong words are in 'unlearned', words that you last answered correctly are 'learned.'


ok thank you for the fast answer!
i changed your setings which you mentioned.
And i figured out that i wasn't so precise with my text.

Actually when i want to learn this vocabs, during the whole learning process, the queue should have the followings: wrong vocabs, new vocabs (if there are still some) and vocabs for repeating. always in total of around 20 vocabs in the queue.
By repeating I thought about that the system shows me each correct vocab 6 times in a row throughout the whole process until the vocab finally has the status "learned". With "whole process" i mean like in the original card learning system you repeat known cards after 2 days, 6, 14, 28 days and so on, until all vocabs are learned. Thats just for example. Im not sure how pleco SRS is working in detail, but i think its working similar to that.


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"Learned" is really just for regulating how many new cards it shows you; to have cards disappear from review altogether after 6 correct answers in a row, turn on a 'history filter' under 'card filters.'