Setting up profiles to "drill” without affecting daily SRS profile scores?


I have a profile (Profile#1) that I use under card selection = Repetition Spaced. I do this everyday.

I'd like to create 2 more profiles with various card filters in order to drill words I get wrong during my daily SRS study session.

Let's say during my daily SRS test I get the word 报名 wrong. I want to drill it with two more test profiles. However, if I finally get 报名 corrrect in profile 2 or profile 3, I don't want my scoring to change. Even if I drill it today and finally get it correct, I still don't accept that I truly know the word. I want my daily SRS profile test to be the true test of if I know a word daily.

Should I set all three profiles to use the same score file, set profiles 2 & 3 to "random" and scoring to "none"? I don't want to mess up my SRS settings/statistics when doing other tests that are drills. Also I have learned for all set to <=400.

Profile1 (My daily SRS test); Scorefile= SG_SRS; Card selection = Repetition Spaced; Scoring=Automatic
Profile2 (Score<100); Scorefile= SG_SRS; Card selection= Random; Scoring= "None"
Profile3 (Not Correct 3x in Row); Scorefile= SG_SRS; Card selection= Random; Scoring= "None"


Staff member
That's correct, yes - scoring system 'none' should prevent it from affecting your card scores at all.


Thanks Mike. I appreciate it. It is exciting to figure out use the flashcard system. I hope to make some gains with this new setup.