Skritter Like Functionality

Hi All (&Mike)

I am a PLECO user for years and have many add ons. I have been studying Chinese of a long tome and finally after many failed starts I am trying again at hand writing

Is there any plan to have a Skritter like functionality in pleco flash cards. The flash card system is fine and I can recognise about 3000 words but can hardly write any. So an SRS system based of stroke order would be great

Skritter is very useful but at $15 a month, its far too expensive


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Have you tried our fill-in-the-blanks handwriting test? Doesn't try to teach you stroke order but does force you to produce characters from memory. (and without any hints if you turn on the appropriate options in Test Settings)

We do want to revamp our stroke order test at some point too, but I don't know if the result would look that much like Skritter - I tend to feel like stroke order + character recall should be studied separately and stroke order tests should focus on just mastering that skill.
I am ideally looking for an SRS system that can present the user with the English translation and you handwrite (on screen) the actually character, so that when the card is revealed you can see an overlay of your attempt superimposed on the then revealed character I am not too bothered by the actual stroke order per se, more interested in have a SRS system to train & test me on how to write characters with the write radicals and importantly length and correct position of strokes.

At the moment I use a Deck and that on one sides shows me the English, and then reveals the character, it the revealed character matches what I wrote on my piece of paper I mark it correct, if not I mark it incorrect. I am 100% able to recite the correct pin yin and pronunciation but its the writing that I am finding hard to an a suitable app. In other words, I use PLECO or ANKI purely for its SRS capabilities. It is up to me to decide if I mark the character correct

I think its a very useful add-on to PLECO as everyone in my school uses PLECO and all would like this kind of SRS (<-NB) writing app, however no-one is prepared to pay the USD15 a month as with skitter! :)


If you choose
Basic Settings:
Test Type: Fill-in-the-blanks
Mark Test writing
Configure subjects: Writing: Prompt for characters
you should get almost what you want.

In Settings/Dictionary Search/Input Methods you can select your handwriting input before, eg. full screen, and during the flashcard test select from the characters Pleco displays according to your input.


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The one thing we seem to be missing from your description is the ability to see the characters you drew in a fill-in-the-blanks test - would that be a useful feature?