Spaced Repetition System SRS How to add words to my test profile?

How do I add words to my Test Profile? I've experimented with various testing profiles and have a particular favorite but it does not have some of the words I learned in my other profile and from outside the app.


Staff member
That should just be a matter of making sure the profile includes the categories they're in. If they're still not coming up, it might be because you have 'limit new cards' turned on in Card Selection; you can either turn that off, or go into Organize Cards, find those cards, Edit, Batch and run the 'force add to pool' command under 'priority' to immediately schedule them for review.
Thanks Mike! Strange I didn't get an email update.
  • Organize Cards
  • Edit
  • Select Category or Card
  • Batch (this means BATCH EDIT)
  • Score > Change Score > change the words you have not covered to 200.
  • OR individual
  • [+]
  • Card Info
  • Statistics
  • Click Scorefile > choose which profile will have this
  • Command > Force add to pool