1. shaluig

    This dictionay or entry (...) appears to be missing

    Hi all, Got a problem I cannot fix these days. I completely reseted my Yotaphone early august, resintalled all my backups and flashcards, my user dict, and everything seemed fine. I reviewed one of my flashcards'list this week, and, unexpectedly, a lot of entries gave this message back to me...
  2. H

    Suggestion Flashcard Review: stop audio when mark correct/incorrect

    Hello, I have an suggestion to improve the study "flow" it would be convienient when reviewing flashcards if the Audio automatically stops as soon as someone hits "mark correct" / "Mark incorrect" (its kind of annoying to still listening to the audio of the old flash card when already...
  3. Record audio in flashcards

    I want to record my own audio on my flashcards, for specific mandarin based dialects. Is there a way to do this?
  4. D

    AnkiDroid flashcard integration: some issues and suggestions

    Hello everyone, First let me say that I searched the forums and couldn't find any discussion on the topics that I raise here. I've discovered the AnkiDroid integration feature recently and I really enjoy the swiftness of card creation that it allows. Nevertheless, here are a few issues in...
  5. F

    Can't add new cards on flashcards database through still OCR

    Hi, On version 3.2.63 and earlier ones, every time I click on the + sign to add the word I'm looking up in the flashcards database through the still OCR interface , it doesn't work. But it works with the screen reader/OCR. Am I the only one having this issue?
  6. L

    flashcard systen - change of dictionary entry

    Is there a way to change the dictionary entries for a whole category? I know how to do it for each flashcard manually, but is there a faster and more systematic way?
  7. A

    Seeking Flashcards for Writing Practice (specifically for hand writing from memory)

    Hi! Please help if you can. I’m a very long time Pleco user but a relative flashcard newbie. I Love Love Love Pleco but have never been able to wrap my head around all the flashcards and settings. If anyone can give me pointers for this I would be super grateful. I’m so sorry if this seems...
  8. skyreem

    [Q] Pleco Android exports all categories, how can I edit the XLM myself?

    Hey! First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone! 祝你们圣诞快乐! So I'm trying to export my flashcards that I made during the first year of my Bachelor. However, I noticed that when I export specific categories it ends up exporting every category anyway. Is there a way to fix this? I noticed I can...
  9. B

    Flashcards for "A Course in Contemporary Chinese"

    These are flashcards for books 1-5 of 當代中文課程 (A Course in Contemporary Chinese). This is the new series from 師大 that's supposed to supersede their AV Chinese series. Cards contain traditional characters only, a reasonable assumption you're using if you use this book. Category name format...
  10. A

    Flashcard: Sentence Contextual Writing Installation Instructions

    Flashcard Set Name: Sentence Contextual Writing Creator: @leguan Credits: @Shun for providing most of the sentences that these flashcards are based on Purpose: Test your ability to write the target character [普通话] based on the pinyin pronunciation [pǔtōnghuà] in the context of a complete...
  11. Y

    Using Pleco flashcards for HSK

    Hey guys, I am planning on using the in-built SRS flashcard system with the supplied HSK flashcards. I have a few random questions for your consideration. 1. Is there a specific dictionary I should map cards to? I use the ABC C-E usually but sometimes the definitions are a little weird when I...
  12. skyreem

    [Ask] Based on what does the flashcard system pick cards?

    Hi all I've been using Pleco for quite some time now and I've been wondering how these flashcard tests actually work? Based on what are cards chosen from your categories? Difficulty, time added, amount of mistakes, ...? Just finished my first year Chinese at uni and I want to keep rehearsing...
  13. Xyde

    Feature Request: Enable Definition + Audio (of Definition) in Flashcards

    Definition without audio won't do for me, there's just too much words which I don't know the pronunciation of when doing Chinese-Chinese cards in Flashcard study. Adding this feature would be a huge lifesaver, thank you. BTW, TTS will work with these right? I'm thinking of buying the new TTS...
  14. bhan

    Flashcards potentially disappearing

    Hello! I've been using Pleco's Flashcard test system for quite a while now, and I've been noticing some unexpected behavior (from my perspective). It seems like some of my flashcards disappear over time. I can't confirm this, but sometimes when reading with the clip reader, I'll add a character...
  15. positiverep

    How do you add new flashcards to an ongoing test?

    Hi, Just wondering if I can add new flashcards to an ongoing test? I have a flashcard deck that's over 1,000 cards, when I create new cards while at the same time doing a test on the existing deck, I'd like to add these new cards to the ongoing test (without restarting). I'm just wondering if...
  16. A

    Some Feature Requests for Flashcards

    1) It would be nice if it were possible to "mark" cards for later editing 2) If you press the arrow in the bottom left of the screen when testing, it will bring you to the definition screen of that entry. It would be cool if there were an option similar to this that would search the most recent...
  17. Dodoxo

    Organize flashcards by pronunciation order

    Hello everyone! I would like to know if there is a way to organize the flashcards to follow the pronunciation order. I would like to set the test session like this because I think in this manner I can better track my progress.
  18. D

    View flashcard categories from dictionary definition

    Perhaps this feature is already available, but I can't seem to find it. If I am looking at the dictionary entry for a word, I often want to see exactly which flashcard categories, if any, it belongs to. I see that the definition page does have the little "plus" button at the top. I know that...
  19. Steve Hunter

    Tuttle-style custom flash card with Usr field filled in

    Hi, I've been using the Tuttle book 'learn 800 characters HSK 1-3' in conjunction with Pleco, and they make a great pairing. I'm getting to the point where I need plan what happens when I go beyond 800 characters (HSK3+), and it dawned on me that I could combine the 'Tuttle-style' mnemonic...
  20. M

    Updated TOCFL Flashcards

    The TOCFL was updated in 2013, and there are no updated TOCFL flashcards so I decided to make them. It is organised from Level 1 to 5 (入门 to 流利)