Setting up flashcards in Pleco for Android , a request for help.


I still use Plecodict for Palm because I can repeat my flashcards with the

spaced repetition system detailed below , which is the most effective learning

system for me ... but how can I use this system with Pleco for Android ?

What setting are required ? Thanks to anyone who will help me.

This is my learning system :

Box 1 / Day 1 : all the new flashcards ;

Box 2 / Days 2 : flashcards correctly recognized in box 1 and moved to box 2 , after 2 days ;

Box 3 / Days 4 : flashcards correctly recognized in box 2 and moved to box 3 , after 4 days ;

Box 4 / Days 8 : flashcards correctly recognized in box 3 and moved to box 4 , after 8 days ;

and so on , until Box 10 / Days 512 and finally : Box 11 / Days 999... the flashcard is now

mastered forever !

In case of incorrect recognition of the flashcard, it will be moved to the previous box number

(for example, from box 5 to box 4, or from box 2 to box 1).

The day is not measured by midnight, but always as a full 24-hour period.

Thank you very much.


Staff member
This isn't something we support in the current iOS / Android versions of Pleco. You could maybe approximate it by doing a spaced repetition test with scoring system set to "manual" and 1 correct answer causing the score to double / 1 incorrect answer causing it to drop by 50%.