spaced repetition system

  1. S

    Setting up flashcards in Pleco for Android , a request for help.

    I still use Plecodict for Palm because I can repeat my flashcards with the spaced repetition system detailed below , which is the most effective learning system for me ... but how can I use this system with Pleco for Android ? What setting are required ? Thanks to anyone who will help me...
  2. S

    Any way to easily look up stroke order in flash cards?

    First of all, absolutely love the sketch feature. but checking whether what I've written is actually correct takes 3+ taps too many. (open dictionary, go to stroke order tab, select correct character, tap play, go back to flashcards) I know there's the "stroke order" test mode, but that one I...
  3. P

    Spaced Repetition System Not Recognizing History of Flashcards

    Hey there, As the title says, my Pleco app, for some reason, isn't recognizing the statistics and history of the flashcards that are selected for review. I've been using spaced repetition for months now and haven't ever encountered this problem, but yesterday I went to do my review and instead...
  4. justinaquino

    Spaced Repetition System SRS How to add words to my test profile?

    How do I add words to my Test Profile? I've experimented with various testing profiles and have a particular favorite but it does not have some of the words I learned in my other profile and from outside the app.