1. D

    Bug - buttons at top of screen are missing in split screen

    A video is worth 1 million words. Just take a look at the buttons at the top of the Pleco panel. I’m expecting to have the cross button there to add a card. Until I fiddle with the split screen.
  2. D

    Linked words aren’t clickable

    See the video. It seems like when I click the blue text it should take me to that definition or open it as a pop-up or something. Not sure why it doesn’t. If this is a misconception on my part, please let me know.
  3. jurgen85

    Initial vibes

    ( I got the impression that you were more interested in vibes based feedback at this stage, so I’ll start with some things I really like: The tree style components are amazing. I love that flashcards can contain multiple entries, but the UI for customizing it is daunting. I imagine...
  4. I

    File reader not recognizing certain file extensions

    I have a few UTF-8 encoded text files saved on my Android phone. However, those files cannot be found with Pleco's (version 3.2.82) built-in file manager. However, changing the file extension, Pleco can recognize and correctly open the text files. Below are some extensions I have tested: File...
  5. Mythaar

    Pleco Lyrics Reader not Showing

    Yesterday I bought the Pleco Basic Bundle and went through all the feature manuals to see in-depth what I had purchased. This included the Document Reader -> Lyrics Reader. However, I can't seem to get the Lyrics Reader to activate. After getting the below image and clicking "Don't show again"...
  6. M

    Screen OCR problem: screen shift while in landscape mode

    Hello everyone, I'm experiencing a weird bug (?) when using the screen OCR in landscape mode on Android. When I activate the screen OCR, there is a shift between the detected text displayed on screen and the underneath original screen image : It looks like the underneath screen image is...
  7. M

    App crashes after selecting Ankidroid for flashcards

    Hi there, I just got a new phone and set up Pleco on it. On my previous phone (also Android) I had set Pleco to use Ankidroid for the flashcards and it was working just fine. After getting the new phone I changed the setting to use Ankidroid for flashcards, it changed but the deck selection...
  8. P

    Spaced Repetition System Not Recognizing History of Flashcards

    Hey there, As the title says, my Pleco app, for some reason, isn't recognizing the statistics and history of the flashcards that are selected for review. I've been using spaced repetition for months now and haven't ever encountered this problem, but yesterday I went to do my review and instead...
  9. D

    Word not found in dictionary

    Hello, When I search the word "musée" (museum) Pleco can't find it in the french dictionary (bought). This word is nevertheless present : I can found only if I search with the english word "museum". For me it's a bug. I think there is the same problem with other words. Fortunately the search...
  10. BUG: Cannot select custom font .ttf file

    Android 6.0.1: Nexus 5 Pleco 3.2.33 When I try to select a Custom Chinese font from Settings->Fonts->Customize Chinese font, a pleco file browser opens and I access the (non-root) location of the file but the file name is greyed out and clicking it does nothing. Note that I have used the same...