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    Spaced Repetition System Not Recognizing History of Flashcards

    Hey there, As the title says, my Pleco app, for some reason, isn't recognizing the statistics and history of the flashcards that are selected for review. I've been using spaced repetition for months now and haven't ever encountered this problem, but yesterday I went to do my review and instead...
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    Word not found in dictionary

    Hello, When I search the word "musée" (museum) Pleco can't find it in the french dictionary (bought). This word is nevertheless present : I can found only if I search with the english word "museum". For me it's a bug. I think there is the same problem with other words. Fortunately the search...
  3. BUG: Cannot select custom font .ttf file

    Android 6.0.1: Nexus 5 Pleco 3.2.33 When I try to select a Custom Chinese font from Settings->Fonts->Customize Chinese font, a pleco file browser opens and I access the (non-root) location of the file but the file name is greyed out and clicking it does nothing. Note that I have used the same...