1. S

    Setting up flashcards in Pleco for Android , a request for help.

    I still use Plecodict for Palm because I can repeat my flashcards with the spaced repetition system detailed below , which is the most effective learning system for me ... but how can I use this system with Pleco for Android ? What setting are required ? Thanks to anyone who will help me...
  2. L

    Search and Dictionary Page UI Feedback

    1. Is it still possible to change UI colors? In 3.x I changed the highlight color to white (in night mode) because I find that when roman text is white and Chinese characters are colored my focus is drawn to the roman text rather than the characters because the white text appears more prominent...
  3. jurgen85

    Cloning everything onto new phone

    I am moving to a new phone and want to double check before I nuke the old one. I have 3 files: Import/Export -> Backup Database Settings -> Backup Settings and/or History -> Backup Settings and History Manage Dictionaries -> my user dict -> Backup Database Is there anything else I need? I've...