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  1. John Renfroe

    John Renfroe 举人

    @Lucy C

    If you pre-ordered, you should be receiving updates via email from time to time. If you're not and you'd like to, you can subscribe to our mailing list here. You can also watch our blog for updates, and of course you can email me at any time (john at outlier-linguistics dot com).

    Mike summed it up pretty well though. It's taking longer than we wanted it to, but we're committed to seeing it through to the end. We'll be putting up blog posts and videos about the Mini Edition and about our plans for further work on the Essentials and Expert Editions too.

    For others who may have similar questions: Gumroad fights contested purchases pretty hard, especially if you haven't contacted the seller (us) directly first. What's more, they do this on our behalf without involving us, aside from simply notifying us that a purchase has been contested. That's just their policy. However, if you were to contact us directly and request a refund, I would process it as soon as I saw the email, no questions asked. :)
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  2. Lucy C

    Lucy C Member

    Thanks John! That's very reassuring. Between yours and Mike's answer, I have all the information I need and will be happy to wait.

    Thanks also for the link to the blog, a much better source of information than emails that may go into the spam bin unnoticed.

    All the best with the project!
  3. Bennji

    Bennji Member

    So as I understood it, the Mini-Experts/Essential-Editions will be released at the end of this week the latest? They will be available to those who have backed or pre-ordered and to those who will just buy it in the app? Did I get this right? Can I look forward to this as an early Christmas present?
  4. shaluig

    shaluig 秀才

    If you cannot get in touch with the team, please refer to the reception desk for further information.
  5. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    @Bennji - we really can't get that specific when we're this close; too many random little things can come up and delay us by a few days. On both Outlier's end and Pleco's - bear in mind it's the week before Christmas, I'm not going to ask anyone who works for me to interrupt their holiday plans for this, and while I myself am enough of a lexicographical nutjob to tear myself away from Fun Christmas Stuff to go convert a dictionary database for y'all I've also got two young children and this is peak sick-kid season so I may not even have the luxury of doing that.

    The mini version is mostly done + will be out soon and that's about as detailed as anyone can get. And if you're wondering why I never talk about release dates for Pleco products, this is why :)
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  6. cloudtrapezer

    cloudtrapezer 秀才

    Hi Mike

    I noticed a couple of references to Google Play in the updates on Outlier. I have a Chinese smartphone so it doesn't have the Google shopping basket and therefore can't access Google Play. Will I be able to get the Outlier dictionary direct from the Pleco site as with other software updates and purchases?

    I guess I'm not the only person in this position.
  7. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier.

    No need to access Google Play, you will indeed be able to get it directly from our website. (on iOS too, actually - we can sell dictionaries on our website [but not other stuff] using the same exemption that applies to Kindle e-books)
  8. DaveIRL

    DaveIRL Member

    Update #34 has been posted on the official Kickstarter page.
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  9. JD

    JD 榜眼

    Anything new on this front?
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  10. DaveIRL

    DaveIRL Member

    I've been periodically keeping track of official information (statements, updates, etc) regarding Releases since the first of December here.

    Sources are linked from: their official Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter, or Official websites.

    My posts are for convenience / personal use though. Maybe Mike (Pleco) or Outlier can provide some answers themselves. ;)
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  11. JD

    JD 榜眼

    I hadn't thought to check their Twitter...just the Kickstarter. Thanks!
  12. Harionago

    Harionago Member

    I emailed them a couple of days ago and they said

    'We ran into some unexpected programming issues, and they took longer than we expected to fix. But we've pretty much got them all solved now. We're checking everything now to make sure it's all there and everything works properly before we release it.'

    and that they are 'very very close'

    I am so impatient! haha :p hopefully it will happen within a few days?
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  13. John Renfroe

    John Renfroe 举人

    We've delivered the data to Pleco and we should release within a few days. :)

    More info here.
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  14. joeymac1981

    joeymac1981 Member

    加油! Mike :)
  15. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    First build is already installed on my iPhone (and on one of the 5 Android phones currently on my desk) and also sitting in Ash and John's inboxes.
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  16. John Renfroe

    John Renfroe 举人

    And installed on our phones. Cool!
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  17. Harionago

    Harionago Member

    When do us peasants get it?
  18. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    When we finish fixing bugs.
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  19. John Renfroe

    John Renfroe 举人

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  20. Shun

    Shun 状元

    Bad link.

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