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Discussion in 'Future Products' started by mikelove, May 13, 2015.

  1. mikelove

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    I believe it's English-only for now but they'll be adding German soon.
  2. dcarpent

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    Since the Nov. 15 deadline has come and gone I'm wondering if Pleco actually received data from Outlier. I.e., are things on schedule for the December release of the Mini version?
  3. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    We've gotten some sample data, yes. Still some stuff up in the air, though, so in the interest of flexibility we're planning to add the ability to embed arbitrary full-page-width images in dictionary entries in two minor iOS / Android bug-fix updates we're preparing now (actually a backport from 4.0 where we're adding that anyway for the sake of flashcard embedded images) - that way we won't have to delay things for weeks while we code up support for perfectly rendering character trees or whatnot but can simply dump those portions of Outlier's entries to images and release them ASAP / figure out native rendering support later.
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  4. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    Update on that: after going back and forth about it we're actually going to do this with HTML instead; the places with tricky formatting are generally in subscreens anyway (SYSTEM), at least in their original UI design, and it's pretty easy to pop up a separate screen with a nice clean HTML note + will be generally more satisfying than an awkwardly scaled embedded image. So now we're just making sure we have support for HTML notes.
  5. dcarpent

    dcarpent 榜眼

    Thanks. Really looking forward to this. I'm glad to hear things are proceeding as planned, after the unfortunate setbacks.
  6. Any updates of late?
  7. DaveIRL

    DaveIRL Member

    2016 12 01: We are here ↑. The waiting phase. :)
    Assuming @Plecosoft received the data, it's going according to plan.

    2016 12 16: Apple has approved the Outlier Dictionary on Pleco. (Source.)
    Unlike Apple's App Store, the Google Play Store does not have to review newly added In-App Purchases.
    It means that both OS versions will be available at the same time. (Source)

    2016 12 24: Even though it has passed "early to mid December,"
    Outlier Linguistic Solutions states, on Dec. 20, that it should be "any day now." (Source)

    2016 12 25: Not available for Christmas. Maybe New Years? :(

    2016 12 29: Unexpected delays, but at any rate, it will be [released] very soon. (Source)

    2017 01 01: The content for the 1st release is finished. They've run into programming issues (mostly Unicode), which is almost fixed (in 1-2 days barring any major unforeseen problems).
    They hesitate to give a specific date— it'll be released after a few days proofreading and checking. (Source)

    2017 01 11: Should be very, very soon. (Source)

    2017 01 16: They can't give exact date, but will release as soon as it's ready to release. (Source)

    2017 01 18: The data has been delivered to Pleco. Release will be within a few days. (Source)

    2017 01 18: New post on official website titled Mini Edition Release Info. Other official Outlier Linguistics social websites will link to the blog post or will display a duplicate post. (View on Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter)

    2017 01 25: They're "almost done." (Source)

    2017 01 27: Pleco replies to comment chain regarding "Are we also waiting for an app update?": There's a minor Android one with a few Outlier-related bug fixes that's in beta channel now and will probably start rolling out to non-beta users today. (Source)

    2017 01 28: Chinese New Year 2017! (Put the app or activation code inside a digital red envelope o_O)

    2017 02 06: Activation codes sent via email.

    2017 02 11: Last day of the Chinese New Year 2017 celebration (元宵).

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  9. shaluig

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  10. beirne

    beirne 进士

    It's mid-December. Any news?
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  11. Yah, super Mario run is out.
  12. John Renfroe

    John Renfroe 举人

  13. Android is waiting yet the end of Autumnal season... ?
  14. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    No, but Android doesn't subject new IAPs to App Review.
  15. Lincoln

    Lincoln Member

    Hello, Mike,

    Will those of us who believed in Outlier Linguistics through Kickstarter be using the Mini Expert Edition on Android devices by Xmas, 2016?
  16. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

  17. sobriaebritas

    sobriaebritas 榜眼

    Hi, Mike
    I'd just like to ask whether the Mini Expert Edition can already be installed on iPads; and if it can, how I should do it.
    Thank you.
  18. Lucy C

    Lucy C Member

    Mike, I wonder if you can help me with my questions.

    Last April, when Outlier Linguistics were still announcing an "imminent release" on their website, taking orders, and processing payments through Gumroad, I paid for the Expert edition via Paypal. The payment was taken straight away, a 'privilege' that backers through Kickstarter were spared.

    I have Gumroad's invoice and Paypal's record, but the 'imminent release' has been and gone about a dozen times since April and I have nothing to show for my $79. I only had a couple of apologetic emails from Outlier months ago, and since then nothing at all.

    Silly of me I tend to trust people I regard as professional colleagues, so I never contested the purchase in PayPal (who may have got my money back). Now it may be too late to get Paypal's help with this, and I don't think it would be fair to hassle them or Gumroad for something not their fault.

    I no longer expect to see an 'expert version' or much in the way of a complete product, but if anything at all is issued, will Pleco honor full purchases made via Gumroad? How can I receive whatever is issued? I have a Pleco license in my iPad but there's nothing about an Outlier extension in the Pleco Add-ons settings or in the Apple Apps store.
  19. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    @sobriaebritas - no, they'll announce it when it's ready.

    @Lucy C - you could contact Outlier; they're certainly responding to emails + are generally pretty nice / helpful guys.

    They're still hard at work on the expert version, though, so I wouldn't give up on that - a bit of the new expert data should even be in this first release. They haven't abandoned the dictionary at all and Ash is committed to not moving on to any other projects until they do finish it. It's taking a lot longer than expected, but as somebody who's been promising a Big Flashcard Update since ~2010 (albeit without accepting any payments for it) or so I have a certain amount of sympathy for that :)

    As far as getting what you paid for - you should get an activation code from Outlier or us (still discussing the logistics with them) as soon as the first dictionary is released; the current plan is that we'll treat these as three different Pleco products even though initially they'll all just be this mini version, so you'll activate the code in Pleco to add the Outlier Expert Edition to your license and then you'll see an "Outlier Expert Edition Beta 1" or some such in your Add-ons screen which will give you that first release. They plan to keep updating it frequently with new data as they move along to the finished release, and you'll get an updated database in the Updates tab in Add-ons whenever they do until you eventually end up with the full Outlier Expert Edition.
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  20. Lucy C

    Lucy C Member

    Thanks Mike, that's all very good news to me. I do have a lot of sympathy for the guys at Outlier and really don't mind waiting, but was anxious about the lack of news. Looks like no news in this case may actually be good news. It also helps to know a bit more about the distribution process and what to expect to see when the instalments are released.

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