Thank you for Pleco app, I find it very helpful.

At the end of a test, this option sometimes occurs: It doesn't seem to quite finish. Then I can either choose New Test or Continue Test. But Continue Test just brings me back to the last flashcard in the previous test. From that page I cannot click on next, or any of the usual options, as it's finished. When I select New Test this happens:
New Test
Cancel your in-progress flashcard test and start a new one? (any card scores already recorded will be preserved)
No Yes [end of quote]
The above message appears sometimes when reached end of test, but instead of cancelling, it remains on the last flashcard (top left shows 100/100 as it's set to 100 cards)

Is there any way of setting tests so that the next test consists only (or even mainly) of the cards marked as incorrect? That way I could concentrate on the ones I have a problem with until I get them right.

Under Statistics mine says:
Total Cards 551
Average Score: 100
Average Easiness: 100
Total Repetitions: 28006
Average Repetitions per card: 50
Per Day: 97
Average Correct: % 92
Cards Learned: 0
Per Day: 0
(learned score>= 200)
Score Ranges:
0-100: 551 [end of quote]

I'm not sure what these figures mean
I have the number of flashcards per session set to 100, I suppose I must have 551 cards, which I often add to.
My average score is certainly less than 100, but what is average easiness?
I usually do 2 or 3 tests a day, but sometimes a few days may go by without doing any, also some days I may do 4,5, or even 6 tests.

At the end of the following test it says
Session Statistics:
Correct: 93
Incorrect: 7
Average Score: 101
Average easiness: 101
Elapsed Time: 1:00:25 [end of quote]
(I suppose I was doing other things in between, not working for an hour on 100 characters)

What do the two 101 figures mean?

Thank you


Staff member
First thing sounds like a bug, will investigate.

Next test cards marked only as incorrect: yes, enable a "history filter" for "incorrect in row" > 0.

Easiness: reflects how aggressively a card's score (= interval) will be increased on a correct answer.
Hi, Thank you.
Excuse my ignorance, but how can I enable a "history filter" for "incorrect in row" > 0?
I can't see either "history filter" or "incorrect in row" .

OK, I'll search for that tomorrow. I can't see it anywhere right now. I have Pleco version 3.2.29. Android version 4.4.2, kernel version 3.4.67. (I'm not sure whether that information is helpful.)
I have the free version, although I did pay for the stroke order add-on (which is excellent). Do I have to pay for this feature?