1. M

    Flashcard test session for iPhone

    I have been using Pleco in Android for almost 3 years and it has been amazing to learn new vocabulary with the “New Test” option where I could challenge myself. Recently I moved to IOS and I have realised this festure is not on this app. I have also checked the premium packages but it is also...
  2. D

    Viewing Characters Missed on Individual Test?

    Okay, I might be crazy, but is there any simple way to view which characters I missed on a single individual test without viewing or understanding my score on each character in the agraggate? Basically, I take a self-graded test, and I want to know how well I did on that individual test by...
  3. LeonardoM

    Beta Tester

    Hi, I just read the 2019 "press" article, where it says that by fall you'd release the Pleco 4 beta. After more than a year, the beta is still not out, but I guess we're extremely close to see one. And that's why I'd like to offer myself as beta tester, and anyone else could express their...
  4. D

    Need help for configuration of SRS

    Hi, I just bought the features of pleco and strated to configure my SRS System. Im now a bit confussed about if its working like I understand it should. My situation is: I want to learn all vocabularies of my chinese studybook. I separated it into categories. Around 600 vocabs. Now i want to...
  5. skyreem

    [Ask] Based on what does the flashcard system pick cards?

    Hi all I've been using Pleco for quite some time now and I've been wondering how these flashcard tests actually work? Based on what are cards chosen from your categories? Difficulty, time added, amount of mistakes, ...? Just finished my first year Chinese at uni and I want to keep rehearsing...
  6. Ricardo Pietrobon

    Example sentences on cards inside a test

    Hi, is there a way to create tests where example sentences are display when the definition is displayed?
  7. bhan

    Flashcards potentially disappearing

    Hello! I've been using Pleco's Flashcard test system for quite a while now, and I've been noticing some unexpected behavior (from my perspective). It seems like some of my flashcards disappear over time. I can't confirm this, but sometimes when reading with the clip reader, I'll add a character...
  8. positiverep

    How do you add new flashcards to an ongoing test?

    Hi, Just wondering if I can add new flashcards to an ongoing test? I have a flashcard deck that's over 1,000 cards, when I create new cards while at the same time doing a test on the existing deck, I'd like to add these new cards to the ongoing test (without restarting). I'm just wondering if...
  9. Brooks Jealous

    Test Card Count

    How do I change the # of cards in a new test? It used to default to 100, now it's 500. I have ADHD - I can't do 500 in one sitting...
  10. O

    [REQUEST] Walk-through Guide to Setting up Flashcard Test

    Hi all, I've been using Pleco on and off over the course of several years and having finally settled on continuing my self-study, I'm reaching out for some help. Is anyone able to offer a detailed step-by-step guide to setting up a flashcard test system? A lot of the settings and functions of...
  11. R

    test anomalies

    Thank you for Pleco app, I find it very helpful. At the end of a test, this option sometimes occurs: It doesn't seem to quite finish. Then I can either choose New Test or Continue Test. But Continue Test just brings me back to the last flashcard in the previous test. From that page I cannot...
  12. A

    Limit Flashcard Test Length

    I enjoy using the Pleco flashcard plugin to improve my knowledge of characters. However, after a week or so with the default settings the test can take me 2 hours or more. I often don't have this much time. The only way I have found to limit the test length is to limit the number of cards in...