stroke order

  1. MelissaLuc2003

    Order of Strokes of Some Chinese Characters

    Hi, 1. Why is the word 里 is written as 甲 first followed by 二? I've always written 里 with 日 first, then 十,and finally 一 at the bottom. I found out the order of my strokes are incorrect according to Pleco. 2. Why is the word nine 九, is written with 丿first then 折 zhe where as the word 力 power,is...
  2. F

    identification radical in character in stroke module

    Hi Does anyone know how to identify the radical-part of a character? For instance by giving it a different colour in the stroke module? If this is not possible yet I would like to put it on the wishlist thanks in advance
  3. J

    Skritter Like Functionality

    Hi All (&Mike) I am a PLECO user for years and have many add ons. I have been studying Chinese of a long tome and finally after many failed starts I am trying again at hand writing Is there any plan to have a Skritter like functionality in pleco flash cards. The flash card system is fine and I...