[Q] Pleco Android exports all categories, how can I edit the XLM myself?


First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone! 祝你们圣诞快乐!

So I'm trying to export my flashcards that I made during the first year of my Bachelor. However, I noticed that when I export specific categories it ends up exporting every category anyway.

Is there a way to fix this? I noticed I can also open the XLM file in a text editor so if it is not possible, I can always remove them myself. Where do I start? I tried using cmd+F to find the categories I want to remove, but I don't know what else to select.


Hi Kareem,

I think this happens when you export from Organize Cards, select some categories and tap on Batch. If you go into Sidebar > Flashcards > Import / Export, only the categories you select should be exported.

If you don't have any special reason to do so, I would export to the simple Text file formal instead of XML. I think the XML format support isn't quite completed yet.


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Hey Shun

Thank you for your reply. I tried your method and it still didn't work out as it should. Even if I batch the categories I want to export, it ends up exporting all my categories.
I found a workaround which maybe a little bit slow, but it works. I backed up my database and deleted all the categories I don't want to export, I also deleted all the flashcards in "Uncategorised" and then exported the categories. That .TXT file only contains the categories I have left over, the ones I wanted export. Afterwards I just imported my backup so I have all my flashcards again.

It seems that there's something wrong in the programming in the app or it is a bug with my device. No matter what I do it will automatically export all the categories. My device: Huawei P10 Plus Android 8.0.0 & EMUI 8.0.0.

Hey Kareem,

you're welcome! I see, that's strange because it should be part of the app logic. Then this may be a question for @mikelove. (He will see it, but he may be on vacation right now.) I just tried it on a OnePlus 3T running Android 8.0.0 and it worked perfectly; here's a screenshot of my settings:





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XML always exports all categories at the moment - just a function of how it's designed (it doesn't run through the list of categories at all, instead it runs through all of your cards and for each card it finds a list of categories it's in + outputs that list in the file). In theory it could be updated with a category filter, but to be honest it's not used much and it's probably going away altogether in 4.0 so this isn't something we're likely to do.