1. J

    Default Card Category

    How do you change the default category cards are saved in? I've made multiple categories but when I save a character as a card it always goes to the same one by default.
  2. skyreem

    [Q] Pleco Android exports all categories, how can I edit the XLM myself?

    Hey! First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone! 祝你们圣诞快乐! So I'm trying to export my flashcards that I made during the first year of my Bachelor. However, I noticed that when I export specific categories it ends up exporting every category anyway. Is there a way to fix this? I noticed I can...
  3. shaluig

    existing categories in "Card info" when adding a new flashcard

    My iPod was getting old so I finally got my first smartphone, android-based ! I was able to import quite everything in my new Pleco app on Yotaphone, but one thing still isn't as satisfactory as in iOS app, hope I will be clear enough to explain : when you create a new card already existing in...
  4. S

    Create a "transform priority" category

    I basically use two categories: one I call "学习" for all the cards I need to learn, and another one I called "小心" for cards that are either more important or that I have a hard time to use. Therefore, the cards I put in "小心" are more important. So I regularly go into the batch command of this...