user dictionary

  1. A

    How to Format Definitions in a User Dictionary and Adding Pinyin Automatically?

    I would like to inquire about creating a user dictionary. I am following the guide which requires the format to be as follows: simplified[traditional]<tab>pinyin (with tone numbers)<tab>definition. For instance: 你 <tab> ni3 <tab> 1.너 2. 너희들 3. 사람 4. 서로의 의미를 나타냄 I am wondering if it is...
  2. jurgen85

    Cloning everything onto new phone

    I am moving to a new phone and want to double check before I nuke the old one. I have 3 files: Import/Export -> Backup Database Settings -> Backup Settings and/or History -> Backup Settings and History Manage Dictionaries -> my user dict -> Backup Database Is there anything else I need? I've...
  3. S

    Selecting default user dictionary

    I have two user dictionaries that I regularly add entries to - one is for general use, one for technical terms. Naturally I edit the general use one more often, but my technical one is the default selected when I go to add a new entry from a search screen (if the word isn't in other...
  4. pdwalker

    help: act in haste, repent in leisure.

    Never try to organize things at 4am in the morning. Nothing good ever happens at that time. In a fit of stupidity, I was trying to clean out my user dictionary when I deleted entries I shouldn't have. Now I have a bunch of orphaned flash cards that map to a dictionary entry that "appears to...
  5. A

    User dict entries suddenly default to CE

    This morning, I wanted to edit an entry in an English headword user dictionary and to my surprise found it empty, even though there clearly was content when I looked at it in the browsing list. It took me a moment to realise apparently Pleco started treating every user dicionary entry as Chinese...
  6. H

    problem pertain to the word that constitute from hanzi plus roman character

    hi, team. there is problem bug me for a while that pertain to the word that constitute from hanzi plus roman character. one is about user dictionary import and another is clip reader or text reader. for example, in pleco, particularly Cantonese word but not limited to, 啱feel, 啱key, 食munmun...
  7. W

    What add-on is necessary to import user dictionaries?

    On my license, I can import user dictionaries, but friends of mine, who are using the free version, can’t do it. Which add-on do they lack? The flashcard add-on? If there’s an obvious answer to this, I just don’t see it, sorry.