Pleco anki integration with Definition on the front

First, thanks for this amazing app, It has became a must-have for every chinese learner.

My problem is the following: when trying to change the flashcard settings (I've paid for the add-on) I can't select definition to appear on the front of the Anki cards it only allows me to select between:

Simplified Headword
Traditional Headword
Mandarin pronunciation
Cantonese pronunciation
Pleco duplicate Key

Is there any way to have the definition on the front, and py, tc, examples on the back?

so the card would look like this:

front: Good



Thank you for your help!


Staff member
The reason we don't let you put the definition in the first field is that Anki uses that field for duplicate checking; if we put the definition there, it would make it pretty much impossible to detect that a card was a duplicate or show the [+] icon indicating the card has been added.

You could create these cards in a reversible Anki note type and just test on the reverse cards, or you could create a new note type with a 'duplicate key' field followed by a Front and a Back field.