1. I

    Pleco anki integration with Definition on the front

    First, thanks for this amazing app, It has became a must-have for every chinese learner. My problem is the following: when trying to change the flashcard settings (I've paid for the add-on) I can't select definition to appear on the front of the Anki cards it only allows me to select between...
  2. Xyde

    My experiences with Pleco -> Anki droid. Some improvements that Pleco could use.

    I've put off studying Chinese for a while, but in lights of some obligations had to get back at it. Luckily, Pleco has some TTS... And god damn the new TTS sound so great, especially Qiang, so sexyyyyyyy---- <- this right here is a motivator. New husbando FTW. In lights of attempting a new...
  3. D

    Flashcard gamification using Anki + Quake 3

    I just posted this on the Anki subreddit. I'm working on a Quake3 mod to gamify my Anki sessions. More details here:
  4. E

    How to export a txt file with audio?

    Hey guys, I am trying to export a txt file and use that with Anki to create an apkg file. I can make this happen, but only front, back and definition are the options. Is there a way to export the audio too? Cheers
  5. S

    exporting flashcards from pleco to ankidroid

    Hello, I would like to export all my PAVC (Practical Audio Visual Cards) from Pleco to AnkiDroid and take advantage of this new feature, however I have been unable to find proper instructions on how to export my current flashcards. Specifically, I am using the wonderful deck generously created...