Outlier Dictionary of Chinese Characters

Not sure if this request is best directed at Ash or Mike, but would it be possible to make the ancient forms go full-screen when tapped? In line with the behavior of alternative fonts under the character tab.

Also, I remember reading about a system tab. Is that still in the works?

In any case, thanks for a super interesting dictionary!
Glad you like the dictionary!
The system tab is definitely still in the works. In fact, we've made some progress on it. Actually, we already have the data mostly done thanks to a friend of ours that wrote code to analyze our raw data. As I mentioned above, I'm almost finished with the Expert Entry Expeditor (EEE -- the software that will help us creating expert entries quickly). Should be completed really soon, since most of it is already working. Once that's done, there's another software project that is mostly complete, but that I need to finish up. Next in line is getting the system data ready to send to Pleco, which entails some editing and getting the data into a format that Pleco can use.
As far as your request, that's something Mike will have to answer, so I'll pass the mic to him (ba dum tsss!).


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Full screen ancient forms would be a bit problematic at the moment since we don’t currently support vector embedded images; Outlier’s embedded characters wouldn’t scale well.

This is mostly Apple’s fault; they still don’t support decoding SVG images directly and we’ve been reluctant to spend time on adding independent SVG support since we kept expecting they’d fix that. But since it remains missing in iOS 13 and we’re unlikely to require anything newer than that anytime soon it may be time to bite the bullet and add it.
Expert entries
trad: 攵變攴高藍立春土剪持屮路尚黑能美也各堂是會監需足射艸舞前草艹造軟無得
simp: 攵攴无高立春监土剪持屮路尚变软黑能美会也蓝䒑各堂是需足射艸舞前草艹造得

Also, I'm getting REALLY close to finishing the software that will allow us to create the Expert entries fairly quickly (by automating basically everything except the actual content creation). Once it's done, we'll put out another 100 or 200 Expert entries within a month. I'll post here once the software is complete.
Just had a look at a few of these expert entries and I'm really impressed by the detail. :D

Looking forward to the next batch of Expert entries! :)