Outlier Dictionary of Chinese Characters

This product is a nice addition even for young learners to recognize the sound and semantic components.
Looking forward to more entries and feature additions. There's a good chance that I will spend more money than I should ^^
Just wondering, is the long term plan to keep this is a standalone dictionary? Or are there plans to install it as an add-on that will integrate with the "CHARS" tab?

Normally, I look in the dictionary listings for definitions, and click on the CHARS tab to find out more about a character.


Staff member
Ah, yes, probably some combination of the lower resolution of (most) desktop screens + ARChon not shipping with a very good image scaling algorithm. We're thinking about adding support for embedded vector images (SVGs) in our 4.0 update, which might render better.
Only the Mini Edition is currently available in Pleco. The Essentials and Expert Editions can be pre-ordered through our website. If you pre-order, you'll get the current version plus updates until your chosen version is complete.