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    You guys are animals. I'm a piker by comparison.
  2. Shun

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    Thanks! :) Well, if you want it, you can surely get there!
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    Interesting project Shun. Here's my screenshot. Just started using the srs about a year back. There seems to be too many words / characters to learn than time to learn them :(

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    Hi antonbond,

    thanks for the screenshot. Good work!

    Do you also read texts with these words to make sure of their usage?

    Cheers, Shun
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    These words are mainly from the HSK vocabulary list which I've added to words I'm trying to learn from the NPCR textbook. I try to read and understand the examples in the various dictionaries I have on pleco.

    Would love to be able to start reading some simple story book soon but it's such a chore at the moment as my vocab is still weak.
  6. Shun

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    OK, then you also have texts from NPCR. I think linking words up in memory with actual usage examples from texts is key. Thanks for the report!
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  7. Haha it is nice to have someone recognize my hard work :p but so far I have never felt satisfied of where I was standing, so I am still pushing hard every day.

    I think that the difference between "cards learned" and "total repetitions" is because I repeat flashcards more than once everyday. First I do the "first pass" where I do all the SRS. Then I repeat the 15-20% that I failed until I know them all. Then at the end of the day, I do one more time the ones that I failed + the new ones that I learned during the day.

    Just FYI - when I reached 6500 flashcards (words), I started to watch movies (audio / subtitles all in chinese). I had to pause a lot and search for characters, but it was already possible. Say a 2 hours movie, I would watch in 4 hours.

    At 7000, I started to watch TV series, same style, pausing a lot, but eventually I would understand it all

    At 9500, I started to read books. First book was terribly difficult, it took me 3 months
    10700, Second book, much easier, took 1 month to read
    12000, 7th book, took 15 days to read

    I also feel there is no end in the learning, but there are a lot of checkpoints. Every time I pass a checkpoint I feel really happy of the new things I am able to do. But I still see the overall picture, and i know that there is a lot left.

    Plans for this year is to read 1 book per month, learn all the new vocabulary. By 2018 I hope I will be able to read books almost as if they were in English.

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  8. antonbond

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    That's real awesome. Wish I can have some of your determination. Thanks for sharing your progress, it's very inspiring.
  9. pdwalker

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    And here was, feeling marginally adequate at 2200 cards. Not any more!

    Thanks guys!
  10. pdwalker, do you live in Asia? 2200 is already better than 90% of foreigners that I know in Taiwan :)
    But don't look at those 90%, look at the remaining 10%!!! Keep going!
  11. pdwalker

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    I do. I wasn't actually complaining, I was more giving a backhanded compliment to you guys by making fun of myself.

    I feel like I've just started to get to the stage where I am able to read simple things and get the gist of what it's about even though I don't know all the characters. I just have to keep on pressing on.
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    Thank you all for sharing your experience! These numbers keep me motivated.
    Personally I created about 400 cards yet and had about 4000 repetitions at all. Still developing ...
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  13. Good evening from California . . . I am interested in participating, but I am not quite sure how to go about it. Did anyone of you share a "how-to" that I may have missed while reading the whole thread? Thank you much!
  14. Shun

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    Hi Catherine,

    it’s relatively easy. You need to know how to take a screenshot of your Flashcard statistics screen and upload it to the forums. Are you on Android or iOS? On Android, you can press and hold the power and volume down buttons simultaneously. On iOS, it's the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons. Then you can tap the "Upload a File" button and select the screenshot, then tap that you want it to show up in the post. That’s it.

    You’re welcome, Shun
  15. It's not a real competition, just showing and comparing each other's statistics.
    The statistics page not only shows the number of cards learned, but the score range, the total number of repetitions and so on, that gives clues about how everyone is learning.

    Just passed the 300,000 repetitions mark yesterday :)
  16. Shun

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    Good work! What consistency and persistence! You will surely reach 500,000. I currently stand at 134,001 repetitions. I have to grow a new motivation, since my curiosity about the nature of the Chinese language has already been satisfied. I should try to focus more on communicative ability now, rather than just understanding and being able to “feel” how the language works.

    On your first point, for me, the Flashcards Statistics Competition has aspects of a competition, since we're comparing the efforts made in learning Chinese, not just anything that’s unrelated to one’s performance.

    Edit: You have to try this vocab list: https://plecoforums.com/download/20171019-sent14kw24ks-txt.2334/

    It’s the result of teamwork, and I love studying with it.
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