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I thought it would be fun if everyone posted a screenshot of their Flashcard Statistics, so one can see the Total Number of Repetitions, Average Correct %, and so on. I think I already have a respectable number, which doesn't include learning sessions on other iOS devices, however. (To make a screenshot on iOS, you have to press the Home button and the Sleep button at the same time.)

So here I start:



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I do not like competition if it is very likely that I lose, but I like figures, and there are actually some interesting informations hidden behind the figures.

First the number of reviews is about 2.6 the number of flashcards. As the average repetitions per card is 7, it shows that you did not review all your cards at least once. So maybe it would be a good idea to add a score range of "new" or "never reviewed". If you compare the total number of repetitions with the average number, it looks as if you had reviewed about 14,750 cards and have an impressing workload of more than 25,000 never reviewed cards before you.

The actual score ranges end with figures x00, like 1-100, 101-200, ... As the cards learned basis in this case also ends with 00 (score >=400), it might be better to reduce the ranges by one: the score range 201-400 does not tell too much, because 400 is learned, 201-399 is not learned. In that case 201-399: 842 and 400: 4656 gives more information.

For a competition the basic assumptions should be at least similar if not even the same, e.g. "cards learned if score>= ..." should be the same figure. What can be compared now among other figures is Average correct in % and the number of actually reviewed cards, roughly calculated above as 14,750.

Btw my average correct in % is 73: congratulations!
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Thank you! I think this is a sound analysis, and you make some valid points.

The reason why I have so many never reviewed cards is because when reading a text, I just add anything interesting to Flashcards, which adds up to a couple thousand new flashcards per book. So Flashcards for me is also a way to make a record.

Let's say the competition should be limited to the number of repetitions, because that is an indication of the total learning effort using Pleco. Maybe there is someone around with more than 200'000 repetitions?
I also tend to causally add flashcards while reading book/comic/news, but am too lazy to review them.

One feature request is review recently added flashcard, or review flashcards of the recently lookuped words.
Yes, the first one you can accomplish with a time filter. For the second one, you can convert the History into Flashcards.

Regards, Shun
Yeah, I know I can do it by filter, but am too lazy to set the date manually. It would be nice if there's 1click way to start this test…


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There's actually a "within" option for the time filter, so you don't have to set the date manually, just set the number of days you want it to go back.
I think the total number of repetitions shows 2 things: age and Pleco experience. I started with Place long ago, and I am comparatively old, so my number of repetitions of 340,000 shows both. If you want to compare the daily effort to learn the language, the average repetitions per day maybe a good choice, but they too are influenced by the number of cards you have (and study, not just collect) and again age and learning ability: some people remember flashcards by just looking at them, others need some weeks.

My average repetitions per day are 170, which shows that I need much time to learn cards - for other people maybe less effort would be enough. Does 170 cards per day beat your 67 cards per day, or does it show that I am a slow learner?

Still I do not learn all the cards that are due to SRS, and Mike would like me to learn even more. It maybe an interesting figure too: overdue cards in % of all cards, and the development of that figure over time.

If you want to compare cards learned, it would be helpful if the score ranges were all from 0 to some multiple of 100 minus 1, e.g. 0-199, 0-399, 0-999 ... - depending on your cards learned value (default is 1000) you could immediately see how many cards you have learned with another value, because you can immediatly see how many cards you have not learned.
Excellent; such a high number of repetitions certainly shows you have a lot of endurance. Some people may be fast learners but lose patience pretty quickly, while others may be slower learners with a lot of patience. So this may even out.

The number of cards whose score is above 400 or 1000 would be interesting, because these you should actually have in your long-term memory.
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Hi, very nice, I see you did a lot of cards per day, and you also concentrated on a relatively small number of cards (about 2300) which you learned very well. Thank you!
Hi, this is a very nice idea.
But the stats screen is kind of minimal. I use several files for flashcards and I study them all. I mean I have an HSK1, HSK2 and HSK3 file plus more files with sentences, stuff I read and hear on the street, or at work... and so on. Altogether, that makes about 2500 cards. However, when I look at the stats, I can only select either the whole thing, and then I have lots of cards I do not study (HSK4 for example), or I can only select one file and I have several.
Then I see you mention a time filter. Even though I am up to date on my iPhone with the Pleco version, I do not see a time filter. How do you do this ?

Thanks again for the idea!
Hi stephshanghai,

thanks for your feedback! Actually, I think most learners are in the same situation. Some cards are being studied, while others aren't yet. This doesn't really matter for most metrics in the Statistics screen. So if you set the Statistics screen to all of your categories, that would work just fine.

When you go into New Test, then choose "Card filters", you will see the time filter. There you can set "last reviewed" to within 1 weeks to only get the cards you studied in the last week, for example. (with "Card categories" set to All)

My current number of Total Repetitions is just 113'000 on my iPhone. Time to aim for the 200'000 mark.
Here is mine

about 230k total repetitions, 10k cards learned.
I'm using SRS flashcard every day with 200 to 250 cards. I mark as "forgotten" when I forgot the card or even the tone, so that could explain the high number of repetitions.
Hi FrancoisTaipei,

thanks, that's impressive! What determination! I now stand at 130k total repetitions with 12.7k cards learned. That's just 15k cards in the last 1 1/2 years. This may be because I read more and learned as I went.
That is another thing that I am interested to know... surely at some point you know enough words so that you understand enough and add less and less new words.

I hope this happens soon!!! After 10k cards learned I still don't feel it's enough, probably still some couple thousands to go... what do you think Shun?
Yeah, I think with 10k words, or 15k, you should already be quite independent--you still have to look up plenty of words, but you will be able to memorize them more easily without having to study them many times with Flashcards.

While you study, do you often skip ahead quickly to the next card, or do you also tap for the meanings of individual characters in a word? I think it helps to also remember the contributions these individual characters make to the word's meaning; with that, you should be able to guess the meanings of new words and memorize them more easily. If you don't already, I would try it!
yeah, it's very helpful to know the meaning of single characters, I often look at those and sometimes also add single characters into my flashcards, it helps me specially to remember its tone.