existing categories in "Card info" when adding a new flashcard


My iPod was getting old so I finally got my first smartphone, android-based !
I was able to import quite everything in my new Pleco app on Yotaphone, but one thing still isn't as satisfactory as in iOS app, hope I will be clear enough to explain :

when you create a new card already existing in a category on iOS, a "duplicate card" pop-up opens, and by tapping on "card info", you know where you already created that card. That's very convenient if you previously imported the 2012-2015 HSK pre-made cards : according to the current HSK level you are preparing, it allows to chose whether to learn that card or not :


On android, the same principle prevails, except you have to navigate though the second tab "categories" to retrieve the information :


Ok, it's quite a detail, but that's one more click on android.


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You can also get to that tab by swiping - doing it that way should be no less convenient than scrolling down and is generally a bit more Android-like. (screen used to work this way on iOS, we moved to a new design there but kept the old one on Android with the addition of swiping since it felt like a more natural Android design)