3.2.x Bug Report / Feedback Thread

Slightly related to background stuff, I find when resuming Pleco from background operation rather than a clean start, the handwriting recognition tool sometimes draws slightly slower.

One of the great features of the handwriting screen is it normally feels so smooth and fast, and much more pleasant than the built-in iOS one.

Could this be possible? Once or twice it's gone so slow that there's a large visible gap (e.g. 1cm) between where my finger is (or stylus, much recommended for handwriting at speed) and the appearing line.

Though it does always perform at top speed after a kill/restart, so I generally do this before a lot of handwriting, e.g. a lengthy test session.


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That's a new one... can certainly investigate, it could be that the (extremely old) OpenGL-based code for that box is no longer functioning well in new versions of iOS, in which case we can consider swapping it in with the new version we've done for 4.0 that's based on PencilKit. (the problem with that is that then we'd either have to drop support for iOS 11 and iOS 12 or spend even more time coming up with a way to support both the old and new versions of that box)
This is on iOS 14.6, I should have mentioned. Not sure I noticed it before 14, but then I did used to write much slower, so may not have noticed so easily.


A very minor bug: If I have Filter Head in defns enabled under Flashcards > Display, when the character being asked for in a Fill-in-the-blanks test occurs twice in a row in the card definition, the tilde "~" placeholder appears only once. I think it would be nice to have it appear twice in this case. An example with 往 in 来来往往: