3.2.73 Bugs - iPad Document Reader PDF Highlight & Crashing

I have identified 2 bugs with the document reader for iPad 10, running version 3.2.73.

When using a pdf copy of a textbook that I imported into document reader, I encounter the two following issues:
  1. When highlighting a word, the actual word I click doesn't seem to highlight, it just grabs a word from a very large highlighted block nearby.
  2. After highlighting a few words, the app crashes.
Both of these issues are demonstrated in the attached video.

I hope these issues can be fixed (before the release of 4.0) as I would like to be able to use the document reader to study this textbook ASAP.

Link (will expire in 2 days, download if needed):


Staff member
The highlight issue seems like it may be an issue with either Apple's PDF decoder or with the encoding of the original file and therefore might be hard to fix - if it's possible for you to privately email us the PDF we can investigate it here and figure out which (and file a bug report with Apple if it's on their end).

The crash is less clear, but we can investigate that from the crash log. Get the app to crash again, then go into the system Settings app, Privacy & Security, Analytics & Improvements (near the bottom), Analytics Data, scroll down to the last entry for Pleco, then tap on it, tap on the share button, and email it to us.