1. LeonardoM

    [POLL] From iPad app to macOS app. Now it’s possible!

    The new macOS Catalina has just been released, and it makes it possible to convert an iPad app into a Mac app with very little effort. I still gotta understand if it also allows ports for iPhone apps. Anyway, I was wondering if this means that Pleco (4?) is coming to the Mac in a few days, or if...
  2. Will Buckingham

    Weird font issue

    I've come up against a strange font issue. I've downloaded a number of Chinese academic papers in PDF, which read find on my Mac. When I transfer them over to Pleco, however, the Chinese text is crazily messed up, as in the attached image. Oddly, though, Pleco recognises the original, unmangled...
  3. P

    upload document

    Uploading (pdf) file from MacOS. to iPad (mini) web address (advised from ipad Pleco- file manager)) tells - - page cannot be opend -- not allowed to use restricted network port (WebKitErrorDomain:103 ) Same works (with a different Web adress ) on my iPhone...
  4. S

    Questions from iPad new users in basic bundle

    Finally ,after days of strugle and ask Pleco questions, I bot the basic pkg. I think all people learning Chinese should buy this Pleco electronic dictionary including Other goodies.this comes out of my true heart. Question no 1: In 魚dictionary...I keyin 中华人民共和国 then I see these characters in...