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    Still OCR Observations

    First, amazing job by Mike and the team for this massive undertaking! It's incredible to see how many details have been changed/improved with 4.0. I like to read PDFs of manhua in the still OCR. Here are a few observations that I have after spending some time with the new still OCR. (1 is a...
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    Two Small Bugs Inside the Pleco Document Reader

    Hello, first of all: Great App! I love the clip and file reader features and use them all the time to read and quickly lookup vocabulary in news and books. I haven't found any better program for that, especially on the phone. There are just some two minor bugs I came accross, which are...
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    Pleco unresponsive while AnkiDroid deck is being imported

    I was having trouble finding an Android-specific bug report thread; let me know if this isn't the right place. If Pleco uses AnkiDroid for its flashcard system, importing any large deck to AnkiDroid will cause Pleco to be completely unresponsive for the entire duration of the importing process...
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    Tts not working since latest update

    I was doing my daily vocab review and the tts is not working anymore. When I go to settings there's no tts engine I can choose from even though I have qiang text to speech installed. Usually I rely on google text to speech but it's not working in plexi anymore. It's installed on my phone though...
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    Bug (?) report Android 3.2.77 with external keyboard

    I am using an external keyboard (Tap2) on Android 10 using Pleco 3.2.77. I have input settings set to the device input (google pinyin input) as the Pleco interface does work for me at all*. When completing flash cards in which I need to enter the Hanzi (show definition, input Hanzi) I can type...