User dict entries suddenly default to CE


This morning, I wanted to edit an entry in an English headword user dictionary and to my surprise found it empty, even though there clearly was content when I looked at it in the browsing list. It took me a moment to realise apparently Pleco started treating every user dicionary entry as Chinese headword, even in EC dictionaries. This is only a minor nuisance when I want to add an entry – after all I can chance the language at a tab. However it is a serious problem when I want to edit an existing EC entry, as I am presented with the wrong interface and therefore unable to access the correct content since you can’t manually change the language setting of existing entries.

I am quite sure that I somehow caused this myself since it was working fine last evening and as far as I can see, there was no update since. I did change some settings in between, however as far as I can remember nothing concerning dictionaries (I changed the layout with which Pleco sends flashcards to Anki). So I’m a bit at a loss as to where things might have gone wrong and would be thankful for tips how to fix it.

I’m on v.3.2.39 (Beta-Tester), Android Version 7.1.1 (Lineage OS 14.1). The OS is new, yes, but since everything was fine before this morning I don’t think that it’s the direct cause of the problem.


Solved the mystery: The bug apparently indeed has to do with Anki integration. At least everything is normal again when I turn it back off. The issue did not exist on the old OS (Android 4.3), but I can’t tell whether it’s a conflict with LineageOS specifically or if the issue exists on stock versions of Android 7.1 as well.


Staff member
Yeah, that would do it - oversight on our part, we didn't test this much because we didn't think many people would want to combine Anki with our user dictionaries but we'll make sure it's fixed in the next beta.