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I have two user dictionaries that I regularly add entries to - one is for general use, one for technical terms. Naturally I edit the general use one more often, but my technical one is the default selected when I go to add a new entry from a search screen (if the word isn't in other dictionaries), or tap the add/edit dictionary button at the top of the definition screen (for words already in other dictionaries). I rather dislike having to switch the dictionary each time, but have not figured out a way to change which user dictionary is the default. I can lock the other (technical terms) user dict and make it work, but then I'd have to unlock it each time I want to add to it, which isn't that common but neither is it rare. Any advice?


Hello Styopa,

that's a good point that will probably be remedied with Pleco 4.0, where flashcard categories can work directly as dictionaries. For version 3.2, Mike wrote on June 20th, 2017 about importing flashcards into user dictionaries:

“I'm afraid there's not currently an option for that - not a lot of Pleco users with multiple editable user dictionaries active at the same time.

It currently adds to whichever user dictionary you created most recently; if you'd like it to add it to a different one, the only way to do that at the moment would be to lock the default one (in Settings / Manage Dictionaries) so that it can't be edited in which case Pleco will fall back on the next newest editable one (presumably your other dictionary).”

The same will probably apply to the default dictionary for adding entries manually from the Dictionary part of the app.

Sorry about that, hope this helps,



Pleco 5.0? I mean, it could be fantastic to see a new release of this forum. I'm worried a little about the data it has. What if the servers would fail? All these years of working are gone. I don't trust online dictionaries and books at all. I only use stuff like books for learning portuguese. You can only destroy them, but no one would do it. Everything in this world has risks, even things like that. Let's see what the moderator will tell us about the 5.0 version.
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