1. dapangjiaozi

    Is there a way to search for a word in all files in File Manager?

    You can search within a document, but not across all your documents in File Manager I'm guessing? Tried searching in help and forums on keywords file manager and search, but couldn't find anything.
  2. K

    Search engine not as good as before since last update

    Hello, I recently updated my Pleco to version 3.2.52 but now I have a problem with the search engine. Let's say the selected dictionary for the search engine is on "All Chinese Dicts" (Blue C on white background). 1) I'm searching for "xiao", everything is fine, I get the Chinese characters...
  3. C

    How to read dictionary entries without search input?

    I recently bought the chengyu dictionary, but I realized that I don't have any chengyu to look up...and the chengyu that I do have to look up I already know. So is there any way to "open up" the individual dictionaries for reading each entry as if it were in the list form of a real dictionary?
  4. H

    end character aligned search

    hi, team. at pleco, wild card search is useful but not powerful enough and satisfactory. because wild cardsearch lack the function to look up the word end with certain character. that is to say when you want to look up word end with 化 or 县 for example, result pleco shown is not exactly i...
  5. C

    Advanced Character component search (not only radical)

    Hi, I have a feature request regarding search. There are multiple characters which share a portion of the components and I would like to show them all even when they don't share the radical. Possibily also including character structure, but not necessarily. Something similar (but possibly...