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Discussion in 'Future Products' started by C, Oct 2, 2016.

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    I have a feature request regarding search. There are multiple characters which share a portion of the components and I would like to show them all even when they don't share the radical.

    Possibily also including character structure, but not necessarily. Something similar (but possibly simpler and better than):

    Example: I want to find all of

    贤紧肾竖坚 (...?)

    Maybe just a simple "list all components that should be included in the search" would suffice, if looking at the char structure is too complex, for example in this case entering "丨“ and "丨" and "又" could find all characters which contain at least two gun3 and at least one you4.

    Would be very useful to me to improve learning of similar characters.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  2. mikelove

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    Already supported, sort of - tap on the component in the CHARS tab in one of the characters that contains it and you'll see a list of other characters that contain that component.
  3. C

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    Hi, thanks for your reply, I am aware of the feature to look for a single component,
    however this does not work for multiple components.
    In the example of the characters given above, how would you suggest to find all those characters?

    Looking for all characters containing 又 on its own yields just too many results, as is the case for 丨 .

    To be effective in this case the search should at least apply an AND to the results I think.
  4. mikelove

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    Ah, yes, we'd love to do that too but we haven't yet come up with a good way to enter components - there are too many for a radical table type grid to work, and our handwriting recognition system doesn't support all of them either. Best idea we've come up with so far is simply to let people add components from CHARS to a sort of meta search box floating above the screen (with them then tapping on a button to send it to the search box) - a bit of UI that might be useful in a few other places too, actually - but it would have to be baked into our app in a pretty obvious way if we wanted it to see much use.
  5. C

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    That seems a good idea actually, maybe a similar option could be selecting a subset of the components of the char and then choosing something like "search all containing these components"..
  6. mikelove

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    Something like that, yes - gather stuff from different parts of Pleco into something a bit more visible + flexible than a clipboard.
  7. HW60

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    For japanese Kanji there is a similar search in (tap on Multi-Radical Search) and in To find the above characters, you first have to convert one of them into a traditional character, then with 臣 and 又 you can see all characters made of those radicals. (The stroke order of the japanese and the chinese 臣 is totally different, therefore there are 7 japanese and 6 chinese strokes for the same character).

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