How to read dictionary entries without search input?

I recently bought the chengyu dictionary, but I realized that I don't have any chengyu to look up...and the chengyu that I do have to look up I already know.

So is there any way to "open up" the individual dictionaries for reading each entry as if it were in the list form of a real dictionary?
Hi, yes, if you go into Settings / Manage Dictionaries and tap on the chengyu dictionary, you can Browse Dictionary Entries. Alternatively, if you already have a search result in the Dictionary, you can tap-hold the dictionary abbreviation until a menu comes up and tap Browse Dictionary Entries there.

Cheers, Shun
As an aside, it would be nice to have ABC Proverbs present a table of contents with topic links for structured perusal. Or a feature such as fortune where upon the initial launch of Pleco, the user is presented with a pseudorandom yanyu-of-the-day (or chengyu-of-the-day with DCC).


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We get requests for that occasionally but it has a hard time rising to the top of our to-do list because I personally find notification popups like that to be extremely irritating + so am hard-pressed to summon up the enthusiasm to come up with a good one.
Not necessarily as a popup, but rather as a yanyu/chengyu displayed in the definition screen upon startup with the cursor located in a cleared search field (for subsequent searching). Though I might agree that such novelty could wear into annoyance at some point if crafted as a popup. However, structured browsing of ABC Proverbs is definitely something that I would like to see.
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