How to read dictionary entries without search input?

Discussion in 'Pleco for Android' started by cwjakesteel, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. cwjakesteel

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    I recently bought the chengyu dictionary, but I realized that I don't have any chengyu to look up...and the chengyu that I do have to look up I already know.

    So is there any way to "open up" the individual dictionaries for reading each entry as if it were in the list form of a real dictionary?
  2. Shun

    Shun 状元

    Hi, yes, if you go into Settings / Manage Dictionaries and tap on the chengyu dictionary, you can Browse Dictionary Entries. Alternatively, if you already have a search result in the Dictionary, you can tap-hold the dictionary abbreviation until a menu comes up and tap Browse Dictionary Entries there.

    Cheers, Shun
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  3. cwjakesteel

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    Ah. Thank's very much.
  4. Shun

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