1. M

    Flashcard test session for iPhone

    I have been using Pleco in Android for almost 3 years and it has been amazing to learn new vocabulary with the “New Test” option where I could challenge myself. Recently I moved to IOS and I have realised this festure is not on this app. I have also checked the premium packages but it is also...
  2. LeonardoM

    Zhuyin for simplified characters

    Hello everyone, I’m not sure why, but I can’t seem to find a zhuyin iOS keyboard for simplified Chinese characters. on iOS settings, I can only see the zhuyin keyboard option for traditional characters. I’m starting to think that no one uses zhuyin four simplified characters, but since it’s...
  3. LeonardoM

    Can't use iOS quality voices in Pleco

    Hi, In iOS accessibility settings it's possible to download better quality voices for most languages, including chinese. Unfortunately i just don't seem to find a way for pleco to use those downloaded voices for speaking sentences inside the App, so I'm stuck with the 'Apple Mandarin Female'...
  4. annadddd

    Looking for the 1000 most ferquently used words

    Hello, I have decided to dedicate my time to learn the 1000 most frequently used words in Mandarin. I am wondering if somebody has a deck of flashcards made of these words that they would kindly like to share with me? If you have another similar deck- or a deck of cards you believe to be...
  5. LeonardoM

    [POLL] From iPad app to macOS app. Now it’s possible!

    The new macOS Catalina has just been released, and it makes it possible to convert an iPad app into a Mac app with very little effort. I still gotta understand if it also allows ports for iPhone apps. Anyway, I was wondering if this means that Pleco (4?) is coming to the Mac in a few days, or if...
  6. Arqui3D

    Support for Apple Music lyrics?

    When I add an Apple Music track to my library and download it, Pleco can play it, but can't read the lyrics. It says: "No embedded lyrics were found for this audio track". Maybe lyrics are now buried deep in DRM?
  7. Z

    Seeking advice on Android vs iOS

    Hey Mike, I'm in the interesting situation where I have both a HuaWei Mate 10 and an iphone x. Frankly I would love to get out of the tyranny of apple, as I was one of the many frustrated with a worse phone after every upgrade (which is why I bought the HuaWei to begin with). The iPhoneX was...
  8. T

    Registration ID issue

    So, I recently bought a bundle for iOS, and I shared it with a friend, and then tried to share the code with my sister. When I shared it with her - the message said I had used that ID too recently, and that someone can override it. Is there a limit to registration ID’s being shared? Thanks...
  9. K

    External keyboard issue?

    I use Pleco on my large Ipad Pro with a Logitech keyboard case, often in split screen mode with Pleco open on one side and another app on the other. I find this setup very useful I often enter text in other apps using pinyin and the keyboard. This works fine in other apps, but it doesn’t seem...
  10. C

    Using Pleco on Kindle + synching with iPhone

    Since I'm reading a lot of books on my computer, both Chinese and others, I've decided to get an e-reader, like Kindle or if there's anything similar. After doing some research, it seems that for me to use Pleco on a Kindle, I would need to get a Kindle device which uses the Android OS, is that...
  11. K

    External keyboard integration (IOS)

    I use an external keyboard (Logitech) with my ipad, and often use it to enter characters in pinyin. It would be great if it were possible to then use the keyboard to scroll down the list of dictionary entries, and to scroll within a particular entry, rather having to take my hands off the...