Registration ID issue


So, I recently bought a bundle for iOS, and I shared it with a friend, and then tried to share the code with my sister.
When I shared it with her - the message said I had used that ID too recently, and that someone can override it.

Is there a limit to registration ID’s being shared?

Thanks for any help.


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Yes - wait a bit and it should reset but you generally can't activate it on very many devices without getting that sort of error. (you won't get that sort of error if you restore from "Restore iTunes Purchases", it's only when restoring on an unrelated account)


@mikelove This makes me curious. What are the official Pleco terms of service for sharing? I see on iOS that Family Sharing is on.....but sharing with friends? That seems.....puzzling.


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Well we say “same household,” but I didn’t want to make any assumptions on that count. There’s also the fact that anybody with access to your Registration ID equally “owns” your account as far as our server is concerned and could, say, register it under their email and transfer it to Android; they might also be able to claim other one-time-only purchase benefits in the future using that ID.

So sharing with a friend who isn’t part of your household would be against our policy and potentially open you up to having your account stolen.
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