Using Pleco on Kindle + synching with iPhone

Since I'm reading a lot of books on my computer, both Chinese and others, I've decided to get an e-reader, like Kindle or if there's anything similar. After doing some research, it seems that for me to use Pleco on a Kindle, I would need to get a Kindle device which uses the Android OS, is that correct? I read on this forum that you recommend the Kindle Fire, 7 inch for this, is this information still up to date, or is there any new Kindle device that would work better?

I normally use my iPhone to review flashcards. How would this work, if I use a Kindle with Android OS to read, and add new flashcards? Would there be some way to smoothly transfer these new cards to my iPhone?
Would my Pleco ID (paid, professional bundle) work on both these devices simultaneously?
Also, would the Web Reader function well on a Kindle? And can I go online and download books, in PDF format / txt format etc?

Studying Chinese and reading Chinese books is something I do everyday, always with the help of Pleco, so I would love to get all the information possible on the matter before I decide what kind of e-reader to buy.

Immensely grateful for all help I can get! Thanks!


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The database formats are the same, but we don't currently offer a seamless cross-platform online sync option; the most efficient approach would probably be to set up a third party cloud storage service on both devices and then move the database back and forth. You can access cloud storage on Android via the standard file open/save box (just click on the menu button at the top left corner and you should see your cloud storage service show up as one of the drives you can access), and on iOS via the "External Files" option in Pleco's File Manager (tap on the "Locations" button at the top left corner of the screen and select your cloud storage service from there).

Your Pleco ID would work on both, assuming you bought originally on iPhone (rather than Palm or Windows Mobile) - see for instructions on how to activate it on Android.

We don't offer Web Reader on Android, we do offer a "Screen Reader" function but you would need an accessibility-friendly web browser to use that - Chrome, e.g. - and even then the results might not be quite as nice as those in Web Reader on iPhone/iPad. (on the other hand, it does work in a lot of places like WeChat that we can't currently get at with our reader on iOS, so on balance it's pretty comparable to the iOS reader experience) We do natively support PDF and TXT files and are looking at adding web/EUPB and DOC/DOCX support after we finish our Big Flashcard Update, but no timeline on that (and it might involve an additional paid add-on depending on what sort of licenses we have to pay for to get DOC support).
Great, thanks a lot for your help and quick reply!

Only question that remains is whether or not Pleco would work on a Kindle device which does not run on Android OS?