Word not found in dictionary


When I search the word "musée" (museum) Pleco can't find it in the french dictionary (bought).
This word is nevertheless present : I can found only if I search with the english word "museum".

For me it's a bug. I think there is the same problem with other words.
Fortunately the search runs correctly with mostly words, for example "maison".

Thank you to fix this bug.


Staff member
Which French dictionary?

Perhaps it's a text encoding issue with the é (accented character code points have an alternate meaning in older Chinese text encoding systems - two of them together turn into a Chinese character - so they can often get mangled); does it work correctly if you just type in 'musee'?

My dictionary is "KEY Chinese-French".

I've tried with other words : the bug occurs for all words with accents.
If I type "musee", the word is not found.

However, I have another Android Chinese <> French dictionary : words with accents are correctly found.

Thank you for your help.


Staff member
Ah, thanks - looks like a bug in the dictionary encoder; it mistakenly interpreted words with accent marks in them as inline Pinyin and skipped indexing them.

We've just pushed an update to fix this, so if you check the "Add-ons" screen under "Updated" (might have to refresh the page) you should be able to download a new version of the dictionary with this issue removed. (it did not affect Grand Ricci or CFDICT, which had already been configured to allow inline 'pinyin' - just an error with the encoder configuration for this particular title)

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention!