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Abbreviate list contents

Verbose dictionaries are not very useful in lists (for beginners anyway). E.g. the first line of Oxford's 欄 becomes:
NOUN 1 欄杆 railing ▶ 柵欄 2 圍欄
With some cleaning up, we could instead fit almost all of the (English) info on the same line:
N. railing; pen; column; notice bo...
which in my eyes is much more useful when scrolling through a list looking for keywords.
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Merge flashcards with “identical” definitions

Some entries that have the exact same pinyin/trad/simp but different definitions are split up anyway (e.g. Oxford's 秀xiù, 挑tiāo, 会huì). Keeping flashcards for these can get confusing.

Less confusing would be to include all of those otherwise identical definitions on the same flashcard.